Teaching Art

Just a collection of art projects I have in my art portfolio :) 

Teaching students that inspiration can be found all around us!

Exploring the link between language and colours.
Word Art

Exploring a variety of painting techniques in one large poster, samples were then taken to create an "art dictionary"

Reflection is an important part of art!

Teaching terminology before heading to the kiln! We explored various cultures in an end of term social studies project.

Looking at the color wheel using technology as well as medium.

Exploring the links between colors on the color wheel; both complementary and contrasting
Use a picture as inspiration
Exploring these relationships in photography

In science we looked at physical and chemical changes and then added a study of color into the decorating of the finished cupcakes.

Looking at LINE
Exploring our Favorite Artists: Andy Warhol
A study of value using water colours

Looking at dominance and how it catches the eye - using photography

Oil Painting (inspiration from greeting cards)

How we evaluate art - and applying what we have learned in reflection
Line, and applying some previous learning (value, shading, etc)
A study of shape, form, and value which was part of a look at habitats and natural environments.

Art and Technology.  We used Comic Life and explored identity.

Learning to shade using a 3D object as inspiration.

Using a novel read in class, we chose a passage and created it with a Paintshop program, and then moved on to using pencils and water colours.

A study of charcoal.

Getting ready for art - exploring how we feel and what we think.

Found art was tied into learning about stewardship and sustainability.
Mixing Mediums - hot glue and chalk.