In the Class

WELCOME TO Grade 7 2014 - 2015

Things To Know

Please feel free to contact me by email at if you have any questions or concerns.

PROBLEM OF THE WEEK: Critical thinking is one element of the Math Curriculum that is vital to stretching the minds of young people.  These are the questions that do not have a narrow one way approach of answering them.  they are broad, you can attack from multiple entry points, and challenge the way we see and value information. In our class we will have a POTW each week, they are due Friday.  Although not given class time to complete, these activities are meant to be completed if a student is done an assignment early, at the beginning of class as we settle in unless otherwise instructed, or in their free time.  It is my belief that by challenging the way our children think we can help them make meaningful and important connections not only in math but in the world around them.

AGENDAS: Agendas are mandatory in Grade 7.  We will be using them each class and they should be signed by both teachers at school and parents before being returned the next day.  this is a critical time in your child's life - habits they create now will pass with them into high school, higher education, and into the work force.  Being organized and putting first things first is a great skill to have. 

LATE: As per the expectation contract signed at the beginning of the year your child is expected to be on time to class, and come prepared to learn.  during their five minute break they should have gathered everything they need for that class - binders, textbooks, pencil cases, bibles, agendas etc.  There are two reasons your child will be marked late; they are not in class when the door closes and the class starts, or they come unprepared for class. 

October 20th:
7A and 7B Math: 1.5 Due Wednesday.  POTW and Exponents Worksheet due Thursday.

7A and 7B Science: We are starting the water cycle, Diagrams will be assigned this week and due Monday.

October 8th:

7A and 7B Math: Tests to be signed, POTW due tomorrow.  Starting small review unit on PLACE VALUE

7A and 7B Science: Photosynthesis Projects are being started; a diary, a song, or a comic strip.  Rubrics are in the booklets!

Magic School Bus Video on Photosynthesis:

September 25
7A and 7B Math There is no math homework unless you have outstanding assignments!

7A and 7B Science Job Description is due Monday, food web is due Tuesday.

September 24
7A and 7B Math: Tomorrow we will be correcting the Multiplication Problem Solving in class so it needs to be completed tonight.

September 22
7A and 7B Math: Riddle 16 and 17, and Page 17 and 21 Riddle Pages are due Thursday POTW 3 is Due on Friday.

7B Bible: Listening Homework!

7A and 7B Science: Population Posters are over due!! Mount St Helens Back From the Dead Part Two questions should be done for tomorrow.  We will be marking them in class.

Here are the videos we watched in class yesterday while we learned about ecological succession: or

and then the tree view and the ground view on this page:

September 18th
7A and 7B Math: Nothing is due unless they have work from last week that they have not completed.

7A and 7B Science: Population Poster was made due Monday. 

September 17th
7A and 7B Math: Riddle page both sides due tomorrow

September 15th
Options will start next week!!


7A and 7B Math: Beginning of the year math review due tomorrow. POTW Due Friday.
7A and 7B Science: Nothing yet!!  But here is a link to the video we watched!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

September 14th

7A and 7B Math: The Beginning of the Year Math Review is due Thursday.  POTW 2 is due Friday.

7A and 7B Science:


March 18th
7A and 7B Math: Integer maze, 4.2 and 4.3 all Due Friday.

7A and 7B Science: Making

March 10 2015
7A and 7B Math: Text book page 61 1 - 39 all, corrected is due Thursday.

7A and 7B Science: Projects were due today.  We will be doing a few wrap up activities.  New unit starts on Monday - we are doing Forces and Structures.

March 3rd 2015
So we have been working a lot in class and there has not been a lot of "homework" unless the kids weren't done on time.  HOWEVER there are a few deadlines to note:

7A and 7B Science: Volcano Project due Tuesday (it was Monday but most of the Grade 7s appear to be going on the ski trip :)  )   The video we have been watching can be GOOGLED, it is called Herculaneum Uncovered by PBS.

7A and 7B Math: Complete the Math Review handed out in class.  There will be a test on Tuesday.

February 24th 2015
7A and 7B Math: Your 4 page booklets will be due Thursday.  7A has two extra pages due tomorrow.

7A and 7B Math: Your Volcano Project is due March 6th.

Enjoy your long weekend!

February 20th
7A and 7B Math: We have been working on four page booklet that looks at finding the percentage of a number.  They will have another work period for them on Monday.  They can always finish them early and use Monday to work on projects or NHIs.

7A and 7B Science: We learned about the four types of volcanos and took notes on what characterizes each one of them.  For those of you who did not finish here are the notes.  There will be no more class time dedicate to finishing them.

Grade 8 Bible: Scripture Project Period Monday

February 17th
7A and 7B Math: Wrap up any outstanding assignments ASAP.  Fraction quiz corrections should be done.

7A and 7B science: Plate Mapping and Mountain mapping are due!

Grade8 Bible: Friday is a Scripture Project work period.

Thursday is parent teacher so call the office and book your appointment now!!

February 16th
7A and 7B Scene: Video from Science today in case you want to catch up:

February 10th 2015
Math 7A and 7B - Your coloring fractions page, your crosswords, and your word problem page was due.  EXCEPTTION is 7A who has the world problems due Thursday.  FOR TOMOROW the fraction word problems 7 and 8 that we didn't finish in class. 

Science 7A and 7B - We are learning about plate tectonics, earthquakes and mountains over the next week or so.  Please keep your end of term project in the front of your mind.

February 6 2015
Math 7A and 7B - Finish your adding and subtracting fractions page for Monday.  The crosswords will be due Tuesday. 

Science 7A and 7B - Finish your Plate Map and the Key.  Monday we will be working on your Fact or Fiction plate tectonics cut and paste. 

February 4 2015
Math 7A and 7B - For tomorrow you will need to finish the questions 6, 7, 8 (8 you make your own problem with different denominator) from the table in the class.

Science 7A and 7B: Finish coloring and labeling your maps of the continents.  Then draw the plate boundaries from the following page onto your finished map.  Then using the map provided finish the key. 

Bible: Scripture Project Work period on Friday.

For those of you who left early here is the map of the plates you need to finish your assignment -

February 3 2015
Math 7A and 7B - Complete both sides of the "Add and Subtract Fractions" page for tomorrow.

Science 7A and 7B - Finish coloring and labelling the continents.

8B Bible: Scripture Projects are due March 24th along with your volunteer hours.

January 21
Science 7A and 7B: Science Quiz tomorrow covering the Earths Crust Booklet; soil profile, vocabulary, layers of the Earth, types of rock, rock cycle. This will be combined with the role play for your final assessment grade.

Math 7A and 7B: 2.6 and 2.7 are due Friday.  5.2 and 5.6 are due Monday.

January 15 2015
7A and 7B Math - we have been working hard on NHI and doing an introduction to fractions, decimals, and percentages. We have not had any homework in quite a while but once we get through the introduction we will be completing some worksheets and text pages.

7A and 7B Science - Wrapping up  our preparations for our presentations.  Here is a check list so you can be sure you know what you need to do. A rubric can be found there also.

Earths Crust booklets are due Wednesday at the end of class Make sure your booklet is complete!

January 9th
ALL NHIS are due to me by January 15th if you want them included in this terms reporting period!

January 7th 2015
7A and 7B Math: Cross Multiplication worksheet due today. Fractions quiz on Friday.  POTW also due Friday.

7A and 7B Science: Research and work on your scenario role play.

7A Bible: Work on your Scripture Projects - they are due Jan 15.

January 6th 2015
I hope you all enjoyed an amazing holiday full of family, blessings, and health. We are back and now with the holiday season having past back into the grind of HOMEWORK!!

7A and 7B Science: We are working on our role play/research projects. They are doing research at home and school and working on a final report they will present to the class.

7A and 7B Math:  Comparing fractions worksheet is due tomorrow. 

7A Bible: Scripture projects and volunteer hours are due January 15th.

NOTE: Progress updates are due back as well and Cedarwood permission forms!

Happy Holidays!!

December 10th 2014
7A and 7B Math NS7-19-22 Due Monday.  We will be correcting together.

7A and 7B Science 7A: Text book pages were due at the end of Thursday.  You will need to watch these two videos: Underground Mining: and Surface Mining . Read this too .  CHOOSE THREE environmental concerns from this handout:  and then summarize them in your notes.  

December 5th 2014
7A and 7B Math Page 49 in the text even numbers, corrected and for mated correctly.  Also 2.4 - BOTH DUE MONDAY!!

7A and 7B Science Rock Cycle Diagram and Vocab Poster due Monday.  READ THE RUBRIC CAREFULLY!!

Bring in your food donations for Winnipeg Harvest and talk to your parents about the gift exchange and potluck on the 16th.

December 1st 2-14
7A and 7B Math - 2.2 is overdue and 2.3 will due WEDNESDAY.  For 7A you have a perplexor due as "chatty" homework. this is due tomorrow and will be worth marks.

7A and 7B Science - Both classes have watched the Bill Nye video about Soil and Rocks and were responsible for finishing the correlating worksheet in their booklets.  If they missed something the video can be found here:

A note about Christmas was sent home :o) 

BIBLE: Scripture Project Period is Thursday. Bring your project so you can work on it along with anything you need to complete it. they are due Jan 15, 2015.

Reminder: Bring in your non perishable food items and make sure that you give them to the right bible teacher.  We are competing with all the other bible classes.

November 27 2014
7A and 7B Math -- 2.2 is due on Monday.  Text work page 43  1 to 28 is past due. Please correct and hand in.

7A and 7B Science -- Vocabulary Poster is due on Monday.  Full color diagram with definition and title. 

Reviewing the rock cycle - so you know that means a song.  Rock Cycle by Mr. Parr

November 26 2014
7A and 7B Math Page 43 #1-28.  Make sure you have your name, page number, and it is neat and in pencil.


7A and 7B Science Finish your test work if it is not done and your two diagrams that are overdue.  Your vocab poster is due Monday.

7A Bible Think of a habit you can change and how you can give yourself a "slight edge".

November 21 2014
7A and 7B Math Page 77 in text Due Monday - you are correcting before handing it in!!

7B Science Text Book Page 9 - Understanding Concepts

7A Bible Scripture Memory Project January 15th. Work Period Monday!

November 19 2014
7A and 7B Math Quiz on BEDMAS tomorrow. for extra practice see here --->

7A and 7B Science  We started our Earth's Crust Unit.  We watched the film Mount St Helens: Evidence for the Global Flood -->

November 18 2014
7A and 7B Math Ns72 and Color by Number BEDMAS are due tomorrow. We have a quiz this Thursday.

7A and 7B Science: We just started a new unit - no homework!

Bible: Scripture Projects should be being worked on!

November 4 2014
7A and 7B Math We have a Unit Test on Thursday.  We have two classes to work on a review for this test and then it will be due on Thursday before the test.  This makes sure that the students have time to ask me for any help if they do not understand or need some clarification of concepts or ideas.

7A and 7B Science We will be making water filters this week and looking at global water supply.  This will be our first independent lab write up and review, so I am excited!

BIBLE: Scripture Projects are PAST DUE and so are VOLUNTEER hours.

November 3 2014
7a and 7B Math We have a Unit Test on Thursday.  Tomorrow the Prime Factorization tree is due.

7a and 7b Science Mural write ups should be nearly complete as we move towards the end of this unit.   Please read your RUBRIC carefully so you know what to include and how you are being marked.

Health: Alcohol Wheels are due this Wednesday.

October 28 2014
7A and 7B Math: Page 27 in the text is due tomorrow.  This is not new work and the classes have both had more than a full class to work on it.  Please remember to bring the textbooks back tomorrow.

7A and 7B Science: In Science we have completed working on our Lorax partner reflections.  We viewed this film > twice.  First time we watched for BIG IDEAS and the second time we viewed for specific small pieces of information to help us INFER.  there is no class time left for this work so if you are not done you should be completing it at home.  It is DUE FRIDAY.

October 27 2014
7A and 7B Math  - 1.8 Factors are overdue.  We are working on Textbook Page 23 in class. Unit Tests for all NUMBER SENSE units will be November 6th.

7A and 7B Science - Mural research and write up should be worked on.  Today 7B started watching The Lorax and will finish watching it Monday.  We will be doing a partner assignment to the movie.

Bible: Scripture Projects due Oct. 31.  Tomorrow please bring pictures that show what the worlds idea of BEAUTY is tomorrow.

October 23 2014
7A and 7B Math  1.8 Factors and Divisibility are due Monday.

7A and 7B Science: Mural research and write up should be worked on.  Today 7B started watching The Lorax and will finish watching it Monday.  We will be doing a partner assignment to the movie.

Bible: Mission statement projects are PAST DUE and scripture projects should be finished by Oct. 31.

October 21 2014
7A and 7B Math We wrote our Quiz today and tomorrow we will be moving onto Factors.  All NHIs should be handed in ASAP and anyone with any out standing assignments should be in study hall until they are complete.

7A and 7B Science We worked on our mural today.  Students should be completing their research and finding any images that they want to use to help them complete their mural section.  We will be learning about sustainability and watching the Lorax in upcoming days.

October 16 2014
7A and 7B Math Although we have had not many "homework assignments" there are a few assignments that were due for corrections in class that a few students are missing.
Tomorrow we will be marking Even #'s for 1.6 Scientific Notation. Yesterday we looked over 1.5 Exponents together and played a game - a few 1.5's are missing.  ALL NHI's can be found in the NHI bin at the front in the right section.  NHIs are listed at the front of the class and are updated every two or three days.

7A and 7B Science: We have been working on the Water Cycle, as well we have started our Mount St Helens Class Mural - our overviewing project that helps us connect all the big ideas!

7B bible: Mission Statements are PAST DUE and Scripture Projects are due Oct. 31!!

October 11 2014
7A and 7 B Math: There was no NEW homework.  However, quite a few of you are still in possession of NS7-1 and the "Write Each Number" page. We are moving into exponents this week - the intro was done on Friday.

Note from the board for those of you who did not finish:

7A and 7B Science: Photosynthesis Project was due Friday.  I will accept them until class starts on Monday morning.

Health: Stop Smoking Pamphlet is due Wednesday here is the RUBRIC just remember you need your facts, stop smoking tips, your health risks and at least 3 images.  Your pamphlet should be neat and full color.

October 7 2014
7A and 7B Math: NS7-1 was due today. Tomorrow you will need to hand in "Write each number.." and your Roll the Dice Place Value Game sheet (the tallies, chart, and completed game sheet).  We will have a place value quiz Thursday!

7A and 7B Science:  Here is the Photosynthesis song by Mr. Parr if you need to re- listen to it while working on your project. 

7B Bible:   Scripture Projects are due on the 31st.  You should be working on these at home!  Mission Statement projects are due October 14th.  You still get some class time to work on these but please don't leave it until the last minute.

October 6 2014
7A and 7B Math: Riddle 4 and 5 were due today.  You should be working on NS7-1 which is due tomorrow.  "Write each of the following" is going to be due Wednesday.  You have a place value "cheat sheet" if you need help.

7A and 7B Science: Photosynthesis Project is due next Friday.

7B Bible: Mission Statements are due October 14.  You will get some class time to work on them! Here is a link to the Mission Statement rubric and a link to the Great Discovery.

October 1
7A and 7B Science: Finish and turn in the Skittles Lab Review.

7B Bible: Bring an IDEA for your mission statement!

September 30 2014
7A and 7B Math: New Unit Tomorrow.  ANY NHIs outstanding will be completed at study hall this week.

7A and 7B Science:  We talked about pigment today and how our eyes see color using chlorophyll chromatography.

TO NOTE:   There is now an NHI board just inside the classroom door that will list all NHI assignments. 

September 29 2014
7A and 7B Math: POTW due Friday. Quiz Tomorrow!!
Here are the notes:

September 26 2014

7A and 7B Math: Decimal Division Data back side and Riddle 22 and 23 are due Monday.

7A and 7B Science: We should have handed in our Yeast Lab and Mount St. Helen's Back From The Dead Part 4 Questions.  If not here is the link to the video for Part 4.

Our field trip today was great: here is some pictures:

September 25 - Science Yeast Lab

September 24
7A and 7B Math: Dividing Decimal Data page back side and Riddle 22 and 23 are due Monday. 

7A and 7B Science: We watched Forgotten America: Pripayat and Picher.  We wrapped up looking at bioaccumulation with these videos.

Here is a video that shows penicillin invading and blowing up bacteria.  It is not the close up off of vimeo but it is one that shows its effectiveness.

REMINDERS:  Field Trip Friday.  Dress to walk outside much of the day, pack a disposable lunch.

September 22
7B Math - Dividing Decimals Data page (with the flower) due tomorrow.

7A and 7B Science: We are watching Abandoned America: Pripayat and Picher. It looks at the effects of both a nuclear explosion and the loss of ecosystem/human health from lead poisoning as a result of mining.  They will be answering questions about the two portions of the episode.

September 19th

7A and 7B Math: Problem of the Week is due TODAY. Riddle 12 and 13 were due Thursday but I do not have them all yet.  Multiplying Decimals worksheet is due today. Riddle 21 is due Monday.

7A and 7B Science:  Population Projects were due Wed for 7B and Thurs for 7A.  I do not have them all  yet.  Also due yesterday but I have not received them all is the Producer, Consumer, Decomposer job description. 

7B Bible: Chapel today!

September 18th

7A and 7B Science: Food Chain and Food Web review due tomorrow.

September 17th
7A and 7B Science: Job Descriptions due TOMORROW (write a job description for a producer, composer, or decomposer).   Here is our example of a janitors job description to jog your memory.  You may use technology to help you research!

7A and 7B Math: Riddle 12 and 13 Due TOMORROW.  Multiplying Decimals due FRIDAY.

7B Bible: Do this assignment for tomorrow:

Using this video:

September 15th
7A and 7B Science: No more class time for the Population Project.  7A is due Thursday Sept. 18th and 7B is due Wednesday Sept. 17th

7A and 7B Math: POTW due Friday.

September 12th
7B Bible: Remember to use your words to build a positive paradigm for someone around you.  Words are powerful. 

7A and 7B Math: Multidigit Addition and Subtraction (odd columns only - two sided) and Adding and Subtracting Decimal pages (both sides).  REMEMBER to line your decimals up!! POTW was due Friday.

7A and 7B Science: There is no class time left for the Population Projects.  Here is the rubric: .  They were able to work alone or with partners and now it is their responsibility to finish on their own time!  They have done some GREAT work so far!

September 11th
7B Bible: Each student must build a positive paradigm with their words before Monday.  They know what it means.

7A and 7B Math: Working Hard and Say cheese are due. Adding and Subtracting Multi digit Numbers and the Adding Decimal Riddle pages are all due Monday.   Tomorrow both classes have a work period.

7A and 7B Science: Population Projects are due Wednesday.  One more work period tomorrow.

September 10th
7B Bible: Today we talked about habits and the 7 Habits that will help us be successful. We started talking about paradigms and how we see others.

7A and 7B Math: Say Cheese worksheet is due tomorrow.  

7A and 7B Science: We started learning about populations within ecosystems and how they are affected by circumstances and the environment and how populations affect ecosystem balance.  They have been assigned a Population Poster Project and were given the choice of working alone or with partners.  They will have two classes to work on it and then it will be homework.  It will be due Wednesday next week.

September 8th:
7A and 7B Math: Math Review is due tomorrow.  Problem of the Week is due on Friday. 

7A and 7B Science: We watched these two videos in class: The Awakening of Mount St Helens and Part 1 of a Six part special we will be watching called Mount St. Helens Back From the Dead.

7B Bible: no Homework.  Today we read a note to youth from Chuck Norris and talked about  how the Water Hyacinth can act as a metaphor for our lives - small things compound over time!!

September 4th:
Math: No homework yet. We will be working on our beginning of the year review starting tomorrow.
Science: We started our Ecosystem Unit already.  Today we defined an ecosystem and learned about Biotic and Abiotic Factors. 
Bible: I handed out scripture memory verses and volunteer sheets.  Scripture Projects are due October 30th and so are Volunteer Hours.  Your child needs to have 10 hours of volunteering recorded by this time.  It is important that we instill the importance of a servant heart!

So today we....

June 4th:
Science and Math Exam reviews are due NEXT WEDNESDAY (no exceptions)  I need to mark them and have them back by Friday so you can use them to study for your exam. 

I am no longer accepting NHIs :o)

June 3rd:

Science Homework 7A
For the Crystal workbook:

Question: What happens to the borax solution if we saturate it?
Hypothesis: We think that the solution will form crystals.
Materials: borax, water, kettle, popsicle stick, string, tape, a cup, food  coloring
Method: Add hot water to the cup, add borax and food coloring next.  Stir.  Hang the popsicle stick so it lies in the solution.  Let crystals form.
Data: Crystals form in 12 hours.  The extra solute sticks to the cup and popsicle stick.
Conclusion: Our hypothesis was right.  Crystals formed within 12 hours
Application: Often saturated solutions will form by products - like crystals!

Also draw your crystals and describe them on the right page.

For the polymer booklet use the written info to complete the back page of questions.  Also complete the prediction page.

May 30
Science classes need to bring a jar, one bottle of white glue, and 250 - 500 ml of whipping cream for Monday for labs that week.

Test corrections are past due.
Structure and the write up are past due.

Math - Quiz Corrections were due IF you needed them., BLM 9.1, Page 255 1-8 and 11 past due, Balloon circumference table, Circumference Worksheet (and practice circles), Word Problems, and review due MONDAY!.

ALL NHIs are due MONDAY!!!!!

May 29th
Science worksheets should be completed before tomorrow!!

May 26th
Math - Today in 7A Math we started looking at circumference.  We will do this lesson tomorrow with 7B. Here are the notes we took in class in case you need them later - NOTES ON CIRCUMFERENCE. Tomorrow we will be working on 255 and BLM 9.1.

Science - We are staring the Particle Theory of Matter.  We will be looking at states of Matter, homogenous and heterogeneous solutions,  and doing some great labs. We wrote our test today.  They will be handed back tomorrow or the day after.

Health - wrapping up cooking shows.

Bible - Analogies are due, scripture projects due June 5th.


May 22

Math - still working on transformations.  We have a small quiz today - but we have reviewed our learning all week so I am sure you are all prepared!

Science - We are working on our structures all week.  Friday is transition day and we are going to use our last two classes to do a review for the structure unit.  We have a STRUCTURES TEST on MONDAY.  Our structures are due Monday as well along with the written report.  You will have had 7 or 8 in class opportunities to work on this so you should feel confident about wrapping this project up.

Health - wrapping up our cooking shows!!

Transition Day - is Friday!  We look forward to having the Grade 6s with us.

Progress reports are being handed out tomorrow!

May 9th


Math  - we have started geometry. Please get your NHI's in.

Science: Work on gathering supplies for your structure and the bridge collapse questions.

Health: Cooking Show and supplies (recipe and food!)

7B Bible: Dependable assignment. Due Monday.

8A Bible: Do your devotions for next Friday. Hand in before you leave for Cedarwood!!

May 6th
It was a peaceful break from homework back we are back!!

Math 7A and 7B: Quiz on Probability and Compound Probability on Thursday. Tomorrow will be a review class.  DUE TOMORROW is the 6 question page of probability questions and your coloring page.

Science 7A and 7B: studying the collapse of the Two Towers. Here is the series and info we are using for those of you who need to finish at home:

2 classes dedicated to studying Stress and Fatigue focusing on the collapse of the twin towers.

1.See this website:

Print off the webpage and use as reading material. Read and highlight important ideas. Discuss engineering and safety features of the Towers.

2. Watch the video "Impact to Collapse" at .

Compete a story board one slide at a time depicts the events leading up to the collapse. Look at slide, draw and write.

Know: What internal and external structures acted on the towers as it collapsed?

Health 7A and 7B: Cooking Shows are starting to be presented.  Have a finished script and working video please.

OTHER THINGS TO NOTE: FIELD TRIP FORMS for Fort Whyte are past due.  Please return them asap. 

April 30th
Grade 7B is responsible for copying these notes tonight and presenting them to Mrs. H in the morning.  They are also to finish the page  called Internal Force Recognition (six pictures and they are to decide which force it is and to describe the force)

Text page  32 and 33 questions 1 and 2 are due Friday to Mrs. Thomas.  Science challenge kids are due Monday.

Math -  Finish up any probability work they have not completed.

Math: BLM 6.4 overdue. We are working on Probability this week.  It should be fun!
We wrote our tests yesterday and they are corrected.

Science: The kids got their rubrics and information for their big building project.

April 25th

Math - Decimal, Percent, Ratio and Rate Test Monday all the NHI's are due Monday.  On Monday after Math class they will be dropping to 50% since they are all over a week overdue.  This is a grace break!  Use  it to catch up!
Science - Friction Lab Due.  As well as Gravity Exploration, My Center of Gravity, Knowledge in Action, Tower of Power, Leaning Tower of Pisa etc.
Bible: Mission Statement Due Tuesday Morning - here is the rubric and instructions, Devotions due Monday morning.

April 22
Math -
Text 175 and 177 - even questions
BLM 6.1 and 6.2 all due tomorrow

Here is the Bill Nye video if you need it

Bible - Things you need :

Rick Godwin Questions

Mission Statement Due Monday

April 17th

Math - Math work due already or due Tuesday:
BLM 5.1 and 5.2
Text 155 Odd #s
Test 153 Even
Text 157 50 - 52 (a and b)
Sales Tax Worksheet

7A - Center of Gravity Activity Page, Tower of Pisa Questions
7B - Tower of Pisa Questions

April 14th

7A and 7B Science:
Textbook pages 16 and 17 1 to 3 were past due.

7A and 7 B Math:
Working on Percentages, Ratio, Proportions right now.
BLM 5.1 and 5.2 were due as were Textbook pages 155 odd #s

Grade 8 bible: Here are a few important links for you
Grade 8 Outline,
Jesse Duplantis Crossword,
Scripture Project

April 9
Back to the GRIND!!!  We have gotten back into the full swing of things and are ready to start attacking homework again!

Math - we are going to be working on BLM 5.1 and 5.2 tomorrow - but you have taken them home in case you want to get a head start.

Science - our text book questions - Page 16 and 17 Questions 1 to 3 are due tomorrow.

Science Challenge is coming up and forms are due back tomorrow!

March 27th
Health - Both classes are doing cooking shows that will be presented at the end of April or May.  they  are to be video taped and shown in class.

Here is the rubric and the assignment outline.

Math: Tomorrow we will get some review material on mean, median, mode and range. You will have to complete this review (labelled quiz but it is not) for Monday. We have a test on Monday in Math for both classes.

Science: Finish your Mars POD project it is due on Monday.  You have had 2 and a half classes to work so you should be almost done already!! Make sure to check that you have done everything you need to before handing it in!

Here is a link to the video we are watching in class:

Bible: Scripture Projects were already due. We switch classes on the 14th of April.  

March 25th
Math - Mean, Median, Mode, Range - worksheet due tomorrow.

Notes to help you out :o)

Science both 7A and 7B - complete your MARS POD building project for the first day back from Spring Break.

March 21
We have a Math test on Monday.  Adding and Subtracting integers.  All your math up to this point is due - integer review, text book pages, rock star pages, Pete's Pet, and Integer Story.

In science we are working on our MARS POD housing project.  We will have two in class periods to work on it but you might want to do some research about your materials, your type of structure, etc. before hand so that you can use your class time to the fullest.

March 20th
7A - text book work is due tomorrow.  119 and 121 the assigned questions. 

March 18th
S few days break from homework and I hope you are all well rested!  The madness continues now!

In MATH we have been working on adding and subtracting integers and will be having a TEST on Monday. We will be reviewing for a few days so - don't stress out.  Your honeycomb math is due.  Please make sure to hand in your NHI's quickly so they are corrected and on Maplewood.

In SCIENCE we have moved on to forces and structures and are learning about God's hand in the man made world and the natural world and the laws which apply to our buildings being stable and strong and safe for us! There has not been any homework yet!

In BIBLE make sure that you are completing your SCRIPTURE PROJECT you are nearing the end of this bible unit and don't want to cram it all in at once!  My Grade 8's scripture project is due March 28th!

March 13
If you did not get the fill in the blanks done on the Bill Nye video here it is: . Please complete your volcano journal projects

You need to finish your integer review if you did not hand it in. 

March 8th
Math 7A and B- Integer workbook The Case of Pete's Pet - completed and handed in on Monday.

Science - workbooks due as well as Volcano Projects Monday. 

March 5

Math - BLM 4.2 and 4.3 (7a) were worked on in class, if you are not done then you should be by end of class tomorrow.

 Science - 7A got lucky and since the roads were bad and I got home late just in time to feed the kids and run to church to volunteer their "extra" homework for being a little too chatty never made it up.  Grace break.

Volcano Projects due Monday. 

Lab write ups will be completed tomorrow.

Grade 8  bible - daily devotions.

March 2

Science - 7a and 7b both will have the Volcano Project due next Monday.  The rubric is in the back of their workbook.

Math - Both classes have page 61 1-39 odd or even due tomorrow.

For some help with integers try this video: and this one too:

February 24th

YAY!!!  I updated the computer with some new drivers and we are back in business!!!
Sorry for the slack posting but I kept getting error messages!!

BAKE SALE FRIDAY - please remember to bring in your baked goods!  I am so proud of you guys for doing such a great thing and showing God's love!

SO - to summarize the things are have and are due:

Pages 205, 207, 209 in the Textbook.  Corrected and handed in to be recorded.
BLM 7.3, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7 were due today.

We are learning about ordered pairs and the coordinate plane and have already covered algebraic expressions and how to solve them using three important rules
1. the creeper rule (get the variable alone)
2. Golden rule (what you do to one side do tot he other)
3. Do the opposite to solve.  7x=14  7(/7)x=14(/7)  x=2

For some pointers check out this video:


We are moving from mountains onto volcanoes and are watching this video and completing a crossword.

We will be talking about types of volcanoes and doing some fun labs in the next week or so.  Students should be actively working on their volcano journal project - it is the back pages of their workbook. 

Grade 8's have daily devos to complete and should be working hard on their scripture verse projects!

February 11th 2014

7A and 7B Math - Page 201 in text EVEN #s and Backline Mater 7.3 ODD # Due tomorrow.
We will have a small quiz on 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 tomorrow.

Science 7A and 7B - Complete the plate question worksheets and the text book page that were due today if you are not already done.  You will lose10% tomorrow and each day after until 50%.  Please  complete your homework on time!!  No excuses!!

Grade 8 Bible - Day one and two devotions.  Start planning your mission statement.

Just a minute to reflect on my favorite verse:

But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob,
And He who formed you, O Israel:
“Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by your name;
You are Mine.
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you.
For I am the Lord your God,

February 9th
7A and 7B Math - complete the text page 199 and hand in corrected.  197 as well if you have not finished it. 

Science - Earths Plates Cut and Paste.  They are to cut and try to fit them together like a puzzle.  DUE TO EROSION, WEATHERING, and CHANGES OVER TIME they will not fit PERFECTLY.  You can find an example of model of the plates here in case you cannot figure it out.

February 6th

Here is a group picture from Cedarwood!!  It was a blast!

Math for 7B - page 197 in the textbook - even questions to 40 :) 7A should have been done and handed in yesterday!

Science 7 A and B - get a head start on your volcano project!!!

Bible 8B - No devotions tonight!  We resume tomorrow!

February 4th
Tomorrow 7A has all the even numbers up to 40 on page 197 of the text due. 

Starting a whole new unit tomorrow!!! Test was today.  ALL workbooks are due tomorrow without EXTENSION!!!!

January 30th
Our SCIENCE Earths Crust workbooks are due Monday - this includes all projects. 
Both classes have vocabulary posters going to be due the first Monday in February. 

Rock Cycle Posters are past due and workbooks should be complete, as well as extension work from the textbook listed in the workbook and ready to hand in next week Monday. Quiz On Tuesday.

In Math we did a lesson on adding and subtracting decimals (check out these videos if you nee a refresher on the steps to solving - and . The worksheet is due Monday. 

NEW bible classes start on Monday - I will miss my 7's!!

January 25th
Well, I am happy to say that the technical problems I was experiencing are now over an dI can start posting homework again!!

MONDAY we leave for Cedarwood, packing lists were sent home last week. It is going to be awesome,  this is our spiritual emphasis retreat for Grade 7 and I know that we are going to be completely blessed.

Both classes have vocabulary posters going to be due the first Monday in February. 

Rock Cycle Posters are past due and workbooks should be complete, as well as extension work from the textbook (pages 8 an 9 understanding concepts, 50 and 51 4 and 5, 23 and 27 understanding concepts) and ready to hand in next week. 

Tuesday will be our quiz unless something unforeseen pops up.

Text book pages 53 and 55 odd or even should be completed, corrected and handed in.

So should the workbooks from our last portion of fractions.

Volunteer Hours, Scripture Projects, Heart Maps are all past due.  Sermonettes should be being prepared for Thursday and Friday.

Most students have signed up for a drug and date for their drug awareness bulletin board presentation.  This starts in two weeks, they will get some class time, but materials will be needed and research should be completed before class - work classes will be made known in time to prepare.  If it needs to be printed send it to me at and I can do it for you if you cannot.

Friday is going to be our in-service day, students with NHIs are welcome to come in to complete them while I work on report cards. :o) 

January 15th
7A Science - Cut and Paste Rock Cycle Assignment is due tomorrow.  Your rock cycle poster assignment is  due Monday

We made Rock Cycle Fudge today - here are some pictures!



January 14th
7A Bible:   Complete the Habit 6 page and reading. 

7A Science:  Your rock cycle project (some of you are in groups) is Due Monday January 20th.  The rubric is in your workbook.  Your cut and paste rock cycle is due Friday.

7B Science: Your rock cycle project (some of you are in groups) is Due Wednesday January 22th.  The rubric is in your workbook.  Your cut and paste rock cycle is due Friday end of class.

January 9th

7A and 7B Math - text book work and the handouts are due tomorrow at the end of class.  You will be expected at study hall tomorrow if your text book work is not complete, corrected and handed in.

Science 7A -  Label the four parts of the Earth and describe each on the appropriate work book page.  Also complete the "pizza shaped earth diagram" , color it, and then work on questions 1 to 4 in the textbook - pages 8 and 9.

Science 7B  -   Label the earth page should be complete and you can work on the pizza shaped earth" page using the textbook page 9 and the workbook page on the earths layers.

January 8th

7B Math - Text book pages are due Friday end of class along with the worksheets they will get tomorrow.  They get some class time but I suggest doing what is not done for homework Thursday night!

7A Math- Text book work due tomorrow.  Worksheets due Friday.

January 7th
Earth Crust Brainstorming and Working with Fraction Circles :o)


And in the swing of things, mostly.  I forgot to get the students to update the blog before the end of the day. So -it falls back on me to correct my slackness.

7A is the only class with actual homework. In BIBLE they are to finish their WIN/WIN page for tomorrow. 

They got assigned text book pages on Fractions for Thursday. Some of you may want to work on it to stay ahead. 

Cedarwood forms and payment are due MONDAY!!

PLUS - make sure that you are working on scripture memory projects.

December 24th and 27th :o) !!
Hi there!  I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas break!   I am up to my ears in marking!!!  With two units complete we will starting new units in January.  The Earths Crust in science and working towards integers and fractions in math. 

Over break all the kids have to work on is a Mission Statements for bible (7A only) .  They should have the rubric in their binders if not HERE IT IS. It is due along with the GREAT DISCOVERY (download it here)  Please make sure you follow the rubric closely - we are really struggling with this!

Also if they did not hand in the science and math reviews in both 7A and 7B they are due the day back if they want marks.

The blog will be updated more often when we start the new units so make sure to check back often!

Thank you for all of the amazing gifts I got from my students, I am truly blessed!!

December 13th

Science 7A and 7B Photosynthesis Project (diary, comic strip, song) was  due WEDNESDAY.   The rubric is here!

Science UNIT TEST is going to be WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 18th!!! Review is due this day. 

Math UNIT TEST is going to be on MONDAY!!  Your reviews are due then!

If you have questions Google plus or email me!!

December 12th

Science 7A and 7B Photosynthesis Project (diary, comic strip, song) due WEDNESDAY.   The rubric is here!

Science UNIT TEST is going to be Tuesday December 17th.  We will be completing a unit review in class and playing a bunch of fun review games.  WITH CANDY!

Math 7A and 7B
Math Unit Test on everything we have learned from September will be on Friday December 13th. 


Field trip forms for Cedarwood went home a long time ago!!

This note is going home today but I am going to paste it here - just in case someone should "accidentally" leave it here. ;)

December 9th, 2013

Dear Parents

The Christmas season is upon us already and we are ready to celebrate the birth of Christ!  In our Bible class we are approaching the part of our unit where we talk about God making each of unique and different in a myriad of ways – hair color, height, likes and dislikes cultures!

To celebrate these differences we are going to be having a cultural potluck instead of a traditional Christmas party on the Morning of December 19th.  Your child is to bring something that is reflective of their families culture (please do not send only desserts!).  If you need to send a slow cooker, as several of you have already asked, we do have outlets.  Only those students who bring something will be sharing this meal, but your child is welcome to bring his or her own lunch if they are not interested in taking part.

Please drop me an email at (notice it is er not just e ;) to let me know if your child will be bringing something and, if so, what they will be bringing.

Also we will be doing a gift exchange; I have already sent home the bags they are to use.  Your child has chosen the name of another student and is to buy a $10 gift – there are ideas on the back of the cards inside the bag.  Again, if your child chooses to not be included they will just sit out of the gift exchange.  Also drop me an email if your child will not be taking part in the exchange and return the red bag they took home to me a.s.a.p. This way I can make sure to pick up any extra gifts to make sure no one is left out.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at the above mentioned email address.  I appreciate all of your support!

Mrs. Hildebrand

December 5th
We got new BEDMAS sheets - a cut and paste one, and a coloring one that is also due on Friday.

December 3rd
So it seems as though we have been finishing everything in class lately!

7A and 7B Math:
BEDMAS text page 99 odd numbers only.  ALL BEDMAS work is due Friday but I suggest you finish the work as it comes - do first things first.

7A and 7B Science - learning about photosynthesis but no homework yet!

News about our Christmas plans coming home soon!

November 27th

Parent Teacher Evening is this Thursday after school

Thursday is CANDY day. Bring your change and you can buy yourself some treats at lunch.

7A Bible Scripture Memory Project January 23rd
               For 6 full bonus marks December 17th

FOR TOMORROW: your refuge index card.  Draw a picture of your refuge, and in three or four sentences about how it helps you create a place of solitude and regeneration for yourself.

7A and 7B Math Test on Factors and Multiples Thursday November 28th.  The review (download it here if you lost it) and the factoring worksheet from Monday are due in class on Thursday.

7A and 7B Science: Complete your water cycle diagram for tomorrow   Here is the rubric in case you lose it.

Here is the example of the water cycle from class.

November 26th

Parent Teacher Evening is this Thursday after school

Thursday is CANDY day. Bring your change and you can buy yourself some treats at lunch.

7A Bible Scripture Memory Project January 23rd
               For 6 full bonus marks December 17th

FOR TOMORROW: your refuge index card.  Draw a picture of your refuge, and in three or four sentences about how it helps you create a place of solitude and regeneration for yourself.

7A and 7B Math Test on Factors and Multiples Thursday November 28th.  The review (download it here if you lost it) and the factoring worksheet from Monday are due in class on Thursday.

7A and 7B Science: Complete your water cycle diagram for tomorrow unless you were told otherwise.  Here is the rubric in case you lose it.

November 22nd (and over the weekend!)

7A Bible - Little Steps" and "Your Attitude Is Everything" pages in booklet.  Use the readings to finish them!

Keep working on your Scripture Memory Verse Project - full marks (with 6 bonus marks) December 17th.

7A and 7B Math Three handouts and the text book pages. 

Have a great day with Mrs. Thomas! And good luck in your last playoff games!

November 19th

Science: Make sure you vote for Water Cycle Idol: Best Overall, Best Video, Best Lyrics, Most Educational.  Make sure you can justify yo"ur vote.

Here are the videos

o Water Cycle Song by Mr. Davies (

o Water Cycle Song by Mr. Parr ( )

o Water Cycle Song by Mr. R ( )

o Water Cycle Song (Solo Red Cup Mix ) ( )

Math: text book page 27, do the odd or even numbers  DUE TOMORROW

November 14th
7 a and b Health - Alcohol Wheel Due Monday. Each section a different colour/pattern, correct headings, two sentences of relevant information on the outside circle and a relevant picture.

7 a and b Science - Lorax due Monday.

7 a and b Math - Two pages of scientific notation work and a QUIZ tomorrow.

November 13th
B and W Health - We are wrapping up learning about alcohol and it's effects on the body.  Your Alcohol Wheels are due Monday November 18th.

7A and B Science- We watched The Lorax and talked about Sustainable Development (enough for all, for ever).  Your Lorax group questions are also due Monday November 18th. If you need help with the answers you can always watch the film at home to exercise your memory.
Lorax ----->

7A Bible - Excited about a term of bible.  Your new Scripture verse projects are due January 23rd.  If you are six weeks early you can get 6 bonus points :o).  Here is a copy of the bible project should you lose it ---> BIBLE PROJECT

November 7th

Quiz review DUE TUESDAY.  You have your binder notes to use to study for the quiz as well.  Quiz is Tuesday.

All marks for this term are CLOSED!

ELA - Identity Poster Due Nov 12

November 6th
Math Exponents and Scientific Notation Quiz NEXT Tuesday

Please send back the progress reports for MATH and SCIENCE signed by a parent.  This is the last glimpse into what is due TOMORROW for marks on this report.

There are many kids who need to complete a LOT of things yet.  If they are in desperate need of time to work they can come to school Friday and work quietly.  I am working on report cards anyways.

November 5th

I was talking with some of my students about how we can arrange for them to hand in work if it is digital format or in the event that they are home sick, out of town etc. Some of the PowerPoints they have made are also too large to email.  They tend to forget or lose zip drives if they carry them back and forth. If your son/daughter is great with organization you can easily save it onto the zip drive and send it that way.  However, I told both my classes that they could add me on Google Plus and upload their files onto Google Docs.  They can send me a message on Google to let me know it is uploaded using the "share" option after uploading is complete.  This saves time and often lost work.  If they need help figuring it out I can run them through the process!

They can also send me homework questions/concerns here and I will get them faster.  I am not promising all access here but when I have the time I will turn my notifications on and do my best to answer any questions they ask :o)

Good evening!

November 4

This week is the wrap of our first term!  Tomorrow the kids will be going home with "unofficial" progress reports that I would like you to sign and return too me.  This is my final way of communicating to the families what is outstanding and needs to be corrected. This way there are no surprises.

I am accepting out dated assignments until Wednesday at the end of the day for this reporting period.

Any student with outstanding assignments (or who need help) will be staying in mandatory study hall in my rom this week until everything is handed in and up to date. I have sent home "collections" of photo copied work several times now for almost all students who have more than two overdue assignments so you should be familiar with the work.

There are no outstanding assignments we are currently working on.  I will not be assigning new homework until after Thursday so they can focus on catching up. 

Check below for a comprehensive lists of all work that we have done!

October 31st
Happy School Spirit Day.

A few things we need to know...

Bible: Scripture Project is DUE TODAY
           Planner is Due TOMORROW

7A and 7B Science: Mural and Reflection due TOMORROW

Math: Read Page 18 and 20 in the text and use this to complete the even #'s only on Page 19 and 21.
7A: Due Friday
7B: Due Monday

October 28th
We had a great long weekend!  Conference was amazing! Here is the LOW DOWN on what is due in the near future:

7B Bible:
Volunteer hours (10 of them!) and Scripture Verse Project are due Thursday Oct 31!
The Weekly Planner for next week is due Friday.  This is a change from Thursday!

7A and 7B Math:
1.5 Exponents - Page 19 and Page 21 in the text do either all the odd or even numbers. Due Monday. 

7A and 7B:Science
We are completing our mural by the end of class on Friday.  Our reflections are also due this day.  This is a large project and worth a large percentage of our grade!  Make sure you do a good job! The rubric is here RUBRIC FOR ECOSYSTEM MURAL if you lose it, the reflection gets written on it!

NOTE:  We will be getting late slips starting today when we are a) late for class or if we b) forget our supplies and have to go get them!  After all we should be coming to class prepared and on time to show we value your investment into our education :) .  After 5 of these wonderful little late slips you - our parents - will receive a call home from us.  If you do not hear from us consider it great news that you raised a punctual child!

October 22nd

Error analysis
 math: 7b: page 5 tomorrow
7a: page 4&5 tomorrow
multiplication problem solving: Monday

7b bible: scripture project October 31

school spirit day: October 31 

October 15th, 16th, 17th

Sorry about the technical difficulty!  Yesterday our student blogger forgot to hit SAVE and some other posts also got deleted!

7 A and B Math Multiplication Problem Solving Due Monday
                           Long Division 3 page booklet Due Tuesday

7B Bible Scripture Projects due October 31st.  Bonus points for being done early.

7 A and 7 B Science Research for their Mount St. Helens Mural, things to draw and research to answer questions

October 9th 2013

Mrs. Hildebrand was at an inservice today!

Science: We had our T-shirt contest but the questions are also due. Not everyone handed them in.

Math: Multiplication and Decimal Multiplication are due Friday. 

Social Studies: Some of us are on current events.  Long answer questions are also due.

French: Test tomorrow! and work on your memory verse!

Bible: Mission Statement Due TOMORROW!!  Along with the Great Discover booklet.

Health:  Board Games and Stop Smoking Pamphlets Past Due!

October 4th 2013
Health game of goals are due on Monday.

Our science T-shirt is also due on Tuesday!    We are having a contest!                  

Our bible project is due on the 31st of October...

There is a music meeting on October 10th for parents.

Our review math corrections are due Friday!!!!!! Our page 9 and 11 were due today.

I Makaylah am awesome!!!!!!I updated the blog!

October 3 2013

All of the things from yesterday are still due.

In science we are learning about human changes to the ecosystems.  We are designing a Tshirt for the contest on Tuesday. 

October 2 2013

GRADE SEVEN GIRLS BIBLE STUDY AT LUNCH Monday Oct 7 {no microwave food please we will start right away}

7A and 7B Health - Stop Smoking Pamphlet due Oct. 5. (no more class time, work period was today)
                                Goals Game Oct 7 (woodwinds Oct. 8)

7A and 7B Math - Place Value Review was Due TODAY. Text book pages 9 {even numbered questions} and 11 {odd numbered questions} due Friday. (no more class time, last work period for this was today).

Music - September Practice Sheet PAST DUE

7B ELA - Figure of Speech Poster to work on .

7B Geography - Geo Paragraphs due Friday.

October 1 2013

Bible - Started working on our mission statements in bible.  We are completing our Great Discovery pages in class.  Mission statements will be due at the end of next week.  They can be drawn or created on the computer. We will be presenting them the week after.

Science- We talked about volcanos and how they destroy ecosystems.  We talked about movies that show great volcanic explosions like Dante's Peak and Volcano.  We can watch parts of them on YouTube if we want to talk to Mrs. Hildebrand about their destructive force and how movies portray the destruction. We are working on our succession pages (16 to 19) and 16 is to be done for tomorrow.

Some of our jars are starting to show signs of succession. This plant is growing a sunflower already!

Health - Still working on our games and our pamphlets.  Information is below.

Math - Place Value Reviews are due tomorrow - it is double sided.  We are also working to complete the even questions on page 9 and the odd questions on page 11. We should read page 8 and 10 for instructions.

September 27 2013 7A and 7B

Health Stop Smoking Pamphlet due Oct. 5th.  Here is an example of scare tactic ads to help you figure out what we are doing.  And here is a link to the rubric in case you lose it.

Goals Board Game is due for Mrs. K on October 7th.

Science We are learning about succession using Mount St. Helens.  Here is a few cool videos that we watched about it. These will help us study later.

ecosystem of the mountain
ecological succession in general
Mt St Helens by the USGS
The landslide/eruption
Mount St. Helens Back from the dead documentary (parts 1 2 3 4 5 6)

ELA - Short Descriptive Story due for Mrs. K October 1st.

7A and 7B

We are learning about succession and have watched some great videos about Mount St. Helens to see primary succession taking place.

In math we are still learning about place value and made an interactive tool to help us.

Computers Test on Headers and Footers Friday

Population Project and Life Map were due today :o)

7B September 24 2013

Board Game Goals - Oct. 7, 2013

Geo Life map - Sept. 25, 2013

Population Project - Sept. 25, 2013

In Band we got our practice sheets for the bass instruments. Our short stories are due sometime next week.

7A and 7B September 23

7A only - Math - 22 x 59 array/expanded/compact page due tomorrow

Population project (picture or story) due Wednesday

7A and 7B September 19th
In Math we are still working on Place Value talking about the array, expanded and compact ways of solving multiplication problems.

In science we are learning about populations (not like the census, but a small group of similar organisms that interbreed and interact in a specific area). Not all the trees in Canada, but all the maple trees in my backyard.
In bible we are learning about paradigms and how they shape how we live. 

Board Game Goals October 7th 2013

Population Project Due: September 25 (Poster OR Story)

Geography Life map Due: September 25

Page 15 in our Population Unit Due: Tomorrow

Science Supplies Due Tomorrow we are making our ecosystem tomorrow (water plants can be found at Petsmart for under $4).

Please keep working on scripture projects

7A- 7B September 18 2013

Population Project Sept 25/13
Geo Lifemap Sept 5/13
Science Supplies Fri
Current Events
Hot Lunch form Fri
NO Grade 7 or 8 volleyball on Thursday and Monday

7A and 7B - Ecosystem in a jar project (Due this week!!)
We learned about ecosystems and are moving onto populations.  In Math we are reviewing place value and multiplication.  In bible we are still reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers and we are talking about paradigms.

For water plants check here - you can pick them up any time of the day or evening. He is widely recommended - even by local stores.

There is a large selection of plants under $5.  You can visit local pet stores, but some students have paid over $5 for their plants. 

Geo life map Sept 25

Math - add these all together page and MATH REVIEW due tomorrow

Science supplies by the end of the week

ENG - Similes Due Tomorrow

7B - September 12

Today in GEO Mrs. K assigned us our life map due for September 25. We also need to look up 3 videos of people playing our instrument for next music class newspaper article is due tomorrow. Our math review is due September 18 :)

7B - September 11

Today in science we listened to a song about biotic and abiotic by Mr.Parr

In band we have to look up 3 songs with our instrument.

In French bring in a binder with 3 dividers, a French binder and get our forms signed, this will be due September 16th. Also this will be worth 5 marks.

In ELA we are working on editing.

7B - September 10th
Got our math review.  It is due next Wednesday, September 18th.
We talked about ecosystems.  An ecosystem is a place where living and nonliving things thrive and interact.

In ELA our journals are due tomorrow. Our goals are due next week in Health.