Repeated Addition {a precursor to teaching multiplication}

This mini pack includes an instructional {and cute} anchor chart, cut and use spider counters, visual worksheet introducing idea of grouping and grouping with "some left over", then a worksheet with equal groups, followed by a worksheet with groups and "some left over". The last page asks students to draw their own equal group and introduces the multiplication operation.

All of this an a fun insect/summer theme :o) Enjoy! Download it here.

Big Tall Math Book

A cut and fold book which includes a fill in the blanks number line, doubles, and adding up to sums under 10.

Download it here.

Gingerbread Graph and Predict
These activities are meant to accompany a classroom taste testing of gingerbread cookies to allow students the chance to predict outcomes, gather data, and compare prediction to the real outcome and compare data. They will have to use terms like more than, less than, greater than, less than, equal to.

The prediction page asks kids to predict how many people will like gingerbread and if that number will be more or less than those who do not like gingerbread. It compares this to real collected data after testing.

There is a page to graph cookie testing data according to those who like gingerbread and those who don't. It looks at which group is greater.

The next page asks students to look at how many more kids liked gingerbread through pictures and word sentences as well as how many less kids did not like gingerbread.

What better way to incorporate graphing and data collection than in eating gingerbread! Download it here.

Silly Similes for Fathers Day

This simile freebie is a hit in my classroom around this time of year. The T-shirt becomes a small book of similes that the kids can show their Dad when they are done! Makes a cute made in one afternoon gift. 

Prompts like My Father is as fast as, as strong as, as funny as..... Download it here.

Synonym Roll Match Up

Cut and paste the icing on the correct synonym roll activity followed by some "replace the synonym" sentence work. This is a great follow up activity to making synonym rolls or introducing the idea.  You can also use it to introduce the idea and use it as a group activity. Download it here.

Acrostic Poetry

Here is one portion of my larger poetry unit {I am a Poet and I didn't Know it} - a look at teaching Acrostic Poetry. This is one of the most fun ways to teach kids about descriptive words (popcorn or chocolate words to many of us teachers!)

This freebie includes:
Student Handout
Sample poem
Brainstorming sheet
Teacher instruction and student project suggestion

Includes the popular "namebow rainbow".

Download it here.

Sentence Chef {A guided reading center or word work tub activity}

This center or tub activity is a fun way to get your students to practice writing sentences {especially if they are silly ones} that include the three parts of speech = noun, adjective, and verb.

You can differentiate by asking for more complex sentences {two nouns, two adjectives, and a verb for example – Lily threw the big red ball to the dog

Included are a cute anchor chart, three color coded spinners, a center/tub instruction sheet, and a recording sheet.

My littles loved it, I hope yours do too! This activity is from my Ah-mazing Guided Reading pack. :o)

Download it here.

Math Vocabulary Posters {Anchor Charts}

Commonly used terms in multiplication, division, subtraction, addition problems :o) Colorful and useful!

Download them here.

LARGE SELECTION of homework Passes

Although these homework passes are cute all on their own they were created to be a prize in my Monthly Homework Club.  Download Winter Pals Homework Passes here

Christian Christmas Homework passes can be downloaded here.

Christmas Homework Passes can be downloaded here.


Cupcake {Sweet Deal} Homework Passes can be downloaded here.

Halloween Homework passes can be downloaded here.

Math Homework Passes can be downloaded here.

Monster Homework Passes can be downloaded here.


Science Homework Passes can be downloaded here.

American Craftivity Comparing Home,  Street, City, State, Country, Continent, Earth. 

This is a fun activity for the primary years.  Simple craftivity to help kids visual the growth of "community" from ones house to their street, city, state, country, continent and world. Complete with painting pie plates as the Earth. You an download it here.

Chevron Birthday Balloons

You get 8 different colored chevron balloons in this download. I like to stick these to the end of curly straws. If you print them on cardstock they are much sturdier. I used them in Grade One and in Grade Seven this year to much success! Download them here.

Canadian Craftivity Comparing Home,  Street, City, State, Country, Continent, Earth.


This is a fun activity for the primary years.  Simple craftivity to help kids visual the growth of "community" from ones house to their street, city, state, country, continent and world. Complete with painting pie plates as the Earth. You an download it here.

Understanding Decimals Student Handouts

Student handout that explains that a decimal expresses a whole and part of a whole. Includes visuals and a bookmark they can make to keep in their desk. You can download it here.

Doubles: Activity and Craftivity to Support Comprehension

This small pack includes a doubles worksheet, a dominoes doubling activity to support visual understanding, a craftivity (doubles decker bus) to help them review at home, and a colorful certificate you can hand out when they can repeat their doubles orally to you. I like to tape some double bubble gum to the certificates.  You can download it here.

Gingerbread themed Visual Sums

Gingerbread visual sums :o)

Get your students to roll a dice and then use the gingerbread man as a map to explore one and two more and less than by subitizing the numbers using "dominoes".

Laminate and use with dry erase markers as a math center! Download it here.

Number of the Day Poster and Activity

Support your student's number sense with this colorful poster and daily (or weekly) worksheet. 
Includes sections exploring:
-number words  -tally marks  -number line
-addition  -subtraction  -greater than  -less than
Download it here.

Snowman Spelling Certificates

I hand these out on Fridays after our spelling test. Just a cute snowman graphic with the message "You did SNOW well on your spelling test_________. You got _____ out of 10!"     You can download it here.       

Spider Research Project for Primary Grades

When I teach this research project we do it along with my Charlotte’s Web Funified Unit  and our Spider Lapbook project.

It includes pages to record predators, draw pictures of webs, describe hunting style, describe in adjectives, draw the spider and more. A fun intro to research projects for the primary grades. Complete with a page to cite sources!  You can download it here.

Stoplight Comprehension Check

I use the three page poster above on my “math wall”. I use it to teach the idea of doting your page. Whenever we introduce a new idea or review an idea I get the students to “dot the page” by putting a colored dot in the corner of their page. This allows me to quickly see who need individual or small group help before moving on and allows students time to reflect on their learning.

The small image to the side I laminate and put on the board as a visual reminder after we have practiced this step in class a few times.

You can use the colored dots on the next page for students to put on their desks as they work independently. If you are conferencing or are otherwise busy a student can put a yellow or red dot card on their desk so you know they need help without raising their hand or voice to get your attention. Laminate them and keep them somewhere accessible to make your life easier! You can download it here.

Gingerbread Spelling Certificates


I hand these out with my students marks on them each Friday :o). They say "You did a SWEET job on your spelling test ___name____! You got ___ out of ____! You can download them here.

The Water Cycle
This Water Cycle freebie includes:

Chevron Vocabulary Cards                                         True/false cards for review game
Water Cycle Idol instructions, Song Links, and Ballot
Reflective Exit Slip
Terrarium in a Jar instructions
Teaching Suggestions
Info Sheet/Student Reproducible
Review Activity
3D Poster Project and Rubric

 This FREEBIE is part of my Interactions in Ecosystems Unit. You can download The Water Cycle here.

Chevron and Quatrefoil Labels and Frames for Organizing!


A set of Monday to Friday, a set of To Mark, Hand Back, Corrections, No Names, Misc., Extra, a set of blank full page, and a set of blank 1/4 page labels.  Great for organizing your class! You can download them here.

Mean, Median, Mode, Range Dice Review Game
Simple activity to help your students review these concepts.

You need two dice, a calculator (if you choose to allow them) and the worksheet for each group - that is it! My grade 6 and 7 students loved it! A great addition to your math stations/centers/tubs or as an early finisher option. You can download it here.