Long time no see, er read. and VOLLEYBALL is almost over.

For a brief period of time from October to the end of November my life becomes a blur of tournaments, practices and games.  I coach Grade8 girls volleyball.  Throw in five kids, a full time job, my TPT, and the occasional few hours of sleep and you get..one lousy blogger!

As I pointed out in earlier posts I live in Winnipeg, MB Canada.  People affectionately (or not so affectionately as it were) refer to it as Winterpeg. In Winnipeg we already have that "festive dusting" of snow that we carry 8 months a year, 9 if Mother Nature prolongs her return like last year and there is still snow in June. To celebrate my return to the cyber world I am offering 3 seasonal markdowns for early years and a great deal for middle years teachers.

My Gingerbread Literacy Mega Pack is on sale for $3.00 from $5.75.  This Gingerbread Literacy Mega Pack is chalked full of great activities that can be used with many of the different Gingerbread books (gingerbread Man, gingerbread baby, gingerbread girl, gingerbread friends, gingerbread cowboy etc.). This package is beautifully full color and full of gingerbread book related goodies.

It includes:
• Alphabetical word sort with gingerbread cookie cards
• Venn diagram comparing two different gingerbread stories
• If I were a gingerbread baby writing prompt and lined paper
• Another ending to the story writing prompt and lined paper
• 5 senses Gingerbread Cookie exploration
• Describing Words graphic organizer
• My favorite gingerbread story writing prompt and lined paper
• Beginning, middle, and end story sequencing worksheet
• Story re-tell
• Story elements
• Punctuation practice sheets
• Full page themed and colorful Punctuation Posters as well as a Write a Good Sentence poster
• Three personally written gingerbread themed poems
• Fill in the missing vowel practice sheet
• Inference, text to self, text to text, and evaluation questioning cards
• Gingerbread baking sequencing cut and paste
• Gingerbread recipe cards
My Gingerbread Punctuation is 50% off at only $1.75.  Gingerbread punctuation  is set of whole class lessons or centers. It is chalked full of colorful, fun, yet AWESOME learning activities.

Included are:
• Roll Your punctuation: punctuation dice and recording sheet (can be used as assessment)
• Write your own sentence using punctuation prompts (laminate and use dry erase markers as a center tub)
• Center cards to guide students or punctuation mini posters
• Comma Practice assessment sheet
• Punctuation Practice assessment sheet
• Gingerbread Punctuation Pal Craftivity
• Center work: punctuation mix and match game: 10 center cards and a sheet of punctuation pieces and recording sheet

and last but not least for a limited time only my Gingerbread Math Activities is only $1.00.


This pack includes:
• Gingerbread Man themed number sequence to 30 – one with benchmarks and one without to allow for adaptations.
• Roll a gingerbread, a following directions activity.
• One or Two More than or Less than gingerbread man activity
• Pictorial expression activity with writing number sentence practice.
• Gingerbread measuring activity with printable rulers
This was one of my Grade Ones favorite activities!
Now for the MIDDLE YEARS teachers... I have just started my new unit this week - The Earth's CrustIt is 50% off this week only for $3.00. Being a geology major this is half of my favorite unit I get to teach.   The 34 page student use pack covers the composition of the earth, its layers, rock and mineral properties, classifications, and uses, the rock cycle, mining, mineral deposits, soil formation and profiles, as well as a 2 possible extending learning projects.

The student use pack includes:

• Brainstorming sheet
• Worksheets and links for two Bill Nye Videos
• Vocabulary Group Project
• Hands on activities like Rock Cycle Fudge, Properties of
Minerals Stations, and Mining Chocolate Chips
• Diagrams, worksheets, information pages
• Rock cycle sentence strip and poster project
• Property Word Search
• Crossword Puzzle Assignment
• Extension Assignments and Activities like design your
own cookie mining invention, create your own cross
word, etc.

As well as a 37 page teacher resource pack with answer keys, teaching suggestions and important links, images, instructions, scripture verses for biblical integration, vocab sheets, as well as a quiz, adapted quiz and answer keys.

Works well with Hands on Science or Nelson Science and Technology 7. However, relevant information is provided in the booklets so they are not necessary. Resources are referred to as "extending learning" activities should you wish to include them.
Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite classroom activities that tie into the Earth Sciences.  I am stoked!!