Halloween Bash Blog Hop!

  Taking part on a fun Halloween Bash Blog Hop put together by the amazing girls at The Teaching 2 Step. I love this season sooooo why not share it AND throw in some great resources and an amazing giveaway!

I really enjoy everything about fall (well, lets be honest, everything but the fact that it welcomes in winter).  With fall comes leaves, pumpkin spice everything, plaid and Halloween. I have enjoyed dressing my kids up every year and have learned that some costumes are great (like the home made cat outfit that was ADORABLE) and others were not so great (the mummy costume that unravelled all night until Chey had no costume left).

Here are some of my Halloween favorites for you :o)

Lets start with my Monday Markdown item (top left corner shows it in action) and a limited time freebie. My favorite Halloween season activities were done back when I taught grade one.  I used my Pumpkin Themed Literacy and Word Work stations to reinforce  -it, -en, and long e word families. 

This includes:
•A themed poster for each word family that you can laminate and use an anchor chart or print off and place in each student’s spelling/ELA folder.
•A Fall Rainbow Words set which includes the words to print and place in a jar, a printable dice template, as well as the recording sheet with basic instructions.
•A word match cut and paste activity using the three word families.
•A word sorting station, the students are to place the right pumpkins in each word family pumpkin patch and a recording sheet
•A crossword puzzle using the three word families and an answer key
•A themed I have Who has game including 24 word family cards
•An easy reader that you can print out and read with your students or print in black and white and get them to color and read.

This resource is half price for this week only. 


The freebie is my Pumpkin Themed Math Booklet.  This 6 page workbook includes (show in action on the top right:
•Number recognition re: tally, money, subitizing, visual blocking
•Cut and paste for motor skill development
•Pattern recognition and generation
•Number recall/sequencing
I laminated the sheets and created centers for math stations. 

I LOVED the pumpkin craftivity pictured in the top center.  Each student got a mini pumpkin and we did sink or float predictions and tests. Inside the craftivity pumpkins we put together as a class we wrote descriptive paragraphs about our pumpkins.  It was one of our first looks as chocolate words. We also tasted pumpkin cookies, made pumpkin seeds after doing an estimating activity, and used similes to describe the inside of our large class pumpkin.
We topped this off by reading Pumpkin Town and doing a poster board sequencing activity.  It was a great Pumpkin Week in 1B :o).

Now for a great RECIPE...

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