The little things....

I am teaching a great group of Grade 7's this year.  While we were talking about "job descriptions" in my Ecosystem unit we used the janitor as our starting point of what a job description looks like.   While brain storming they realized that without the janitor a lot of things would be unfixed, undone, or unusable.  One of my students said we should buy him a gift to show him how much we appreciate him.

Yesterday I bought him his favorite kind of chocolate and we made a card and all signed it. 

I realize that it is only a very small token and that it in no way reflects how much we appreciate our amazing janitors hard work, but I think that it speak volumes about the kids that it was their idea and that they realize that recognizing his hard work with a gesture would be a nice thing to.

We all know that without the receptionists and janitors teachers would be lost!