Made it Monday

One of my favorite "new" things is my chalkboard table.  My classes both love it; they leave me message throughout the day or draw me pictures.  The best thing it has done has give those kids who just have to have something to do with their hands a way to complete math that is a little more interesting than scrap paper. Even my most unwilling students can be bribed!

It was an old desk in the basement that a neighbour had given us a few years ago when they moved.  I took it apart and spray painted the legs and poles with heavy duty acrylic spray paint. 
I got some chalkboard paint from Canadian tire for $23 and slapped about 6 layers down on the top of the table.

May oldest daughter Cheyenne spent a whole spare driving back and forth from the house to the school with the pieces and even put it together for me.  She is the bomb.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE it.

If you have ever thought about making one of these - I say DO IT!!
 My made it number two is for the classroom.   It is super simple, but it saves me time and trouble all year long. I made marking sheets last year and was so glad that I did.  I clip them to the front of marking with a binder slip, and this lets me record lates as well as marks. They print two per page and you can grab them here.

I made a few minor changes and uploaded my coffee labels that I use for my "While you were late" board.  Unfortunately my printer is a little under the weather so I had to print them at school in black and white.
But coffee makes everything better even in black and white.  You can grab them here.