Five For Friday

So this was my schools first week back at school.  Well, first few days anyways.  I got two amazing new group of Grade 7's and we are already into the swing of things.  To reflect on my week I am linking up to Doodle Bugs Teaching and her Five for Friday Link up.

Totally un-school related but too cute not to share.  I have five kids, and have had every one of them climb into my bed at night.  However, it usually happened one at a time and they snuggled up by my side and fell back to sleep.  These two often end up in my bed at the same time.  They are totally adorable, but....they hog the bed and my son is a hitter.  He swings wildly in his sleep and I swear he acquires inhuman strength as his little body recharges over night.  It hurts.  So, why do I left them rob of my well earned sleep??  Because they grow up so fast and someday there will be no little feet scampering down the hall and trying to climb over me without stirring me from sleep.  Enjoy the little things, even the little things that do not always seem enjoyable :D

You may be able to take the teacher out of the elementary school but you cannot ever really take the elementary out of the teacher.  I have the only decorated room at school, and that is okay with me.  Its like me...unique :D.  It is far from being truly *finished* and I have a TON of projects on the horizon, but for now it makes me happy.  Especially the Grumpy Cat poster a student bought me last year. And yes, I even put a scalloped border around my map.

Rain.  Rain.  And more rain.  It has rained so much the last few weeks that I was surprised to see the sun for a few hours this afternoon.  I actually like the sound of rain, the smell of rain, thunder, lightning, howling wind, big puffy, ominous clouds.... I just don't like mud.  Especially when you live with a bunch of kids and work with a bunch of kids.  It is messy.  But, on the bright side..it is not snow!! 
My class is two lessons into our Interactions within Ecosystems unit.  Today we did a yarn toss activity that is meant to illustrate the interconnectedness of the biotic and abiotic environment.  It was perhaps a little more chatty than I would have liked, BUT the ones who got it really got it.  I am excite to keep working through the unit with them.  Last year y class LOVED learning about Mount St. Helens and I have found that this is a great way to look at real life examples of almost all of the topics covered in this unit.
Last, but in no way least - is Tim's Pumpkin Spice Tea. I basically could live off this tea.  One cream, one sugar and one happy ME!!