A Quick Flash Freebie and a Few Giveaways

Pop over to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gradese7enheaven .  I have TWO flash freebies (one early years and one middle years) and TWO giveaways (one early and one middle also).  What better way to celebrate my first day back at work!  With amazing resources!

Tomorrow is my first day back at school - admin meetings all day and I will grab a few hours to prep for Parent Open House and my first few days with the kids.  I feel much more prepared than I did last year although I still get butterflies when I think about it.  I wonder if that ever goes away?? I kind of hope not, I believe that familiarity can breed contempt and I never want to take for granted the good things in my life!

I love this picture - it pays homage to the long, warm, breezy summer days that I get to spend enjoying my family, my backyard, and God amazing handiwork.  I am in awe <3. I am deeply thankful for each and every sunset I have been given!