Thrifty Shopping and some pinspiration....

Today me and the chillun dropped Zoe off at the mall and decided to go check a few stores to see what prices on runners looked like.  I managed to find Abby some great purple runners at Target and to top it off they were 70% off!  I only paid $10 for them.  I love when that happens. Sadly the dollar bins were so picked over they were virtually empty.

While we were perusing the aisles of Giant Tiger I came across these cute colorful canvas chairs and some owl binders and notebooks that were on clearance. I needed the chairs for my group work table and the binders/notebooks are going to the new home of my assessment and data tracking paperwork.  One of the journals is my “to do” list.  I am filling it with goals, lessons to prepare, and ideas for things I want to create for my room.  I also snagged some jars for my supply shelf and a cute owl piggy bank for out classroom “inner city” collection.

For instance:

The No Name boards were made by Lisa Porter and I definitely need something this year.  I had folders last year but since the no name papers were not visible they were often overlooked. I am also hoping this will keep me more accountable to my two days and too late rule :0).
The file folder system is from the ReMarkable Home.  I love this idea but I am going to use it to hold bell ringers and extra mark assignments t the front of the class so they are accessible to everyone without a lot of shuffling around and in a way that they should be able to keep fairly organized.  My system last year was a flop.  Oh well, we live and we learn.
 I am not sure where the Instagram door is from it was on google images and the link was broken.  I am going to use quotes from my favorite books, pastors and the bible.  I am stoked about that one! I will probably include some of my antijoke chicken memes and Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.
The Strive Board was from Lenora Krugle.  I am not going to use the word strive on it, but I love the idea of the board itself. I had made this “bulletin board” last year and didn’t really like it so I was looking for a new way to use that space. 
I updated some new things in my store as well. Keep your eyes open over the new week or so for a few freebies, an huge Ecosystem Unit, and some organizing projects I have been working on.