Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week 2014 - WHO

I have linked up with Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week 2014.  Today we are pondering "Who am I"  :o) Sounds like a pretty deep question - who am I? 

I am  33 year old mom of 5.  Cheyenne is 17, Zoe is 14, Freedom is 13, Abby is 8 and Asher is 6.  Four girls and a boy.  We wrapped up our kid years well.  I have been married this year for 15 years - although it hardly feels like 15 years have passed already.  It has been quite a journey, with some bumps along the way but I believe that we are better and stronger for them

 I grew up in a family of 5 - My mom, my younger but not littler brother, me and my maternal Grandparents.  My Mom is one of my best friends and I see the evidence of my grandparents influence in everything I do.  I am blessed.  Both of my Grandparents have gone home to be with Jesus - but I still think about them all the time.  I often think to myself "I should Grandma and ask her how much cornstarch to use," or something along those lines before I realize I can't do that anymore.

I love God, I love my church and I love my school. I have been attending Springs for 15 years.  It was actually my husband that prayed the Sinner's Prayer with me.  I did a 360 degree change that day and I am so thankful for the amazing things Jesus has one in my life!! I teach at our church's private school - Springs Christian Academy.  I started my full time teaching by teaching Grade One - it was a great place to start!  I adored that class. Last year and in the year coming up I am the Grade 7 Math and Science teacher.  Last year I got to teach Freedom and Zoe.  It was kind of neat to play Mom and teacher for a year.  I also coach Grade 8 girls volleyball and head up our middle years Science Challenge.  I am stoked to be doing both again this year! I also volunteer in G-force which is youth group for Grades 2 to 6 on Wednesday with my oldest daughter, NURV - our 12 to 18 youth on Friday, and on Sunday in the PreK, K, and Grade One room. 

 I spend most of my time with my family.  I love them, and the fact that they have learned to deal with my colorful and unique personality. We are famous for our "car selfies". I work with a great group of co-workers and have been blessed to find some kindred spirits in their midst. In life I have seen many friends come and go but there are those people who you connect with so deeply and meaningfully that although you grow up, move on, move out, and change you never really truly leave them.  Amanda was my best friend since grade school (we ate Hawaiian pizza pops in her basement while playing Final Fantasy III the first time I went over to her house) and we always manage to pick up where we left off regardless of the miles between us.

I love to read.  I devour books in hours and cannot be without a book in my purse, on my desk, or anywhere else I go.  They are literally taking over my house.  I also love a good cup of coffee,  warm blanket, and the great outdoors.  We bought our house for the yard which overlooks a wheat field.  I love to sit and stare out into the distance with a bright blue sky over head and the golden wheat stretched out before me. It is so peaceful.  I love storms - loud, windy storms.  I write poetry, love to sign, am addicted to music, and cannot focus on a single task.  I am always multitasking.  Right now I am blogging, writing my to-do list, and listening to a video for a science unit I m creating.  I love hiking and taking "nature" pictures.

Before heading off today make sure to check out some of the other amazing teachers who have linked up or if you have a blog pop over to Blog Hoppin and let us get to know you!