Blog Hoppin Teacher Week 2014 Friday What

Today as part of Blog Hoppin's wrap up to Teacher Week 2014 we are talking curriculum. I LOVE trying new resources out - I like taking a risk and finding those perfect products that fit right into your routine as if they were meant to be there.  Last year was first year teaching Grade 7 Math and Science so it seemed like a great time to try things out - I had no prior experience with what did and did not work.  Was it rough alone the way - occasionally.  But as teachers so often do - I adapted and made them my own when they did not work. I LOVE teaching Science, most of what I teach falls into the Earth Sciences and that is where I got my degree after all.  Math was harder - I am naturally not a mathematician so I teach myself each concept 5 ways before tackling it with my classes.  If need to make sure I can explain it to a variety of learners after all!

Here are a few resources that I will for sure be reusing this year:

Teaching with a Mountain View - HUGE Fractions Concepts Bundle { 256 Common Core Aligned Fractions Task Cards } .  This was a great resource for a diverse classroom to do rotations with.

Amber Thomas - Long Division Task Cards - Bundle of 3 This as a great tool for class to review
basic skills.  I used this as an early finisher activity.

Kelly Terry - Plate Tectonics: Tectonic Plates Puzzle, Teachers' Guide and Students' Worksheet.  This complimented my Dynamic Earth Unit perfectly.  It was a lot
of fun for my class to do instead of just watching the illustration.   It really helped them see how plates "fit".

One of the units I am proudest of creating myself is the Interactions Within Ecosystems Unit.  It took me a few weeks to put together this summer but I am very excited to be teaching it this fall.  It is everything I had pulled together from a whole bunch of places but made "my own".  Notes on napkins, info from my degree and textbooks, from teachers I taught with - all in one 143 page unit.

This document includes:
37 chevron Vocab cards
True/False cards to laminate and use for review games
Mount St. Helens
  • Questions for Parts 1 through 6
  • Ecosystem Wall Mural Project, Teaching Suggestions, Sign
  • up, Rubric
  • Teaching suggestions
  • Brainstorming sheets
  • Small Ecosystem Research Project
  • Lab Experiment and Review Questions
  • Info Sheet/Student Reproducible
  • Ecosystem Review
  • Info Sheet/Student Reproducible
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Poster Assignment and Rubric
  • Teaching Suggestions
  • Links to videos and review questions
  • Interactive Foldable on the Stages of Succession
Producer, Consumer, Decomposers/Energy Flow:
  • Teaching Suggestions
  • Rubric and Guidelines for Small Group Assignment
  • 3 page Energy Flow/Food Chain/Food Web Student
  • Reproducible
  • Review Questions
  • Bioaccumulation info sheet/student reproducible
  • Teaching Suggestions
  • Bell Ringer Match up Activity
  • Baking Bread “Yeast” Lab
  • Experiment Report Reproducible
  • Experiment Follow Up Questions
  • Info sheet/Student Reproducible
  • Mould Lab – Bulletin Board Tracking Suggestions
  • Chlorophyll Chromatography Lab
  • Teaching Suggestions
  • Info Sheet/Student Reproducible
  • Review Questions
  • Skittles Lab
  • Skittles Lab Review
  • 11 x 17 Infographic Poster
  • Photosynthesis Project and Rubric
  • Crossword
  • Cellular Respiration Info Sheet/Student Reproducible
Water Cycle:
  • Water Cycle Idol instructions, Song Links, and Ballot
  • Exit Slip
  • Terrarium in a Jar instructions
  • Teaching Suggestions
  • Info Sheet/Student Reproducible
  • Review Activity
  • 3D Poster Project and Rubric
  • Effects of Biodiversity Whole Class Activity
  • Teaching Suggestions
  • Link to Bill Nye Video and Exit Slip
  • Info Sheet/Student Reproducible
  • Succession/Biodiversity Exit Slip
  • Biodiversity and Humans Info Sheet/Student Reproducible
  • Teaching Suggestions: Cultural Viewpoints
  • Sustainability and Organizations Brochure Assignment
  • Lorax Link and Questions
  • Info sheet/Student Reproducible
  • Human Actions and the Environment Discussion Starters
  • Exit Slips
Mid Term Quiz
Final Test
All Applicable Answer Keys 

Right now this unit is on sale, but this is only until Monday - so grab it up while you can.  If you are interested in checking out a portion of the unit you can download The Water Cycle portion of the unit for free! 

Thanks for checking in.  Leave a link below so I can stop by and see what you have going on in your classroom!