Loving the Earth Sciences!

Finished and wrapped (er....zipped) up the second part of my Earth Science unit. 

 Our Dynamic Earth A unit on the forces that build and shape the earth: from Faults and Plates to Mountains, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes


All applicable answer keys

All links included for videos

Links to images, resources, websites that will support your lessons inserted where you will need them for convenience.

Posters for Sandwich squish lab

Handouts for group activities – types of volcanoes, types of folds and faults

Teaching suggestions for lessons

Lab instructions including dialogue


Rubric page

Questions for Plate tectonic video on YouTube

Plate tectonic activity page

Types of faults info and room for diagrams

Earthquake handouts and information on body and surface waves

Mountain information handout and cut and paste

Mapping Mountains Activity (requires an atlas) along with map

Mountain review questions and extension activity

Crossword to complete with Pacific Ring of Fire video from YouTube

Volcano information handout

Parts of a volcano definitions and hand drawn diagram to label

Types of volcanoes group activity and worksheet

Volcanic Eruptions Lab handout

Sandwich squish lab pages and rubrics

Unit project – Volcano Research Journal (including mapping activity, diagram, creative elements and a rubric to follow)

Includes Scientific Process and extension activities using Nelson Science and Technology Grade 7 text. The extension work is just that – an extension. It is not required to use the booklet or teacher resources.

Also included are the unit test, adapted test and a key for both.

This is the second portion of my Earth Science Unit. You can find the first one here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/The-Earths-Crust-1044444

What a throwback....

From my old scrpbooking days (which I miss greatly some times!!)



I forgot how much fun it was to use that creative element inside of me to make something beautiful and meaningful!!