In the midst of about 4 million things that are going on in, around, and involving me I sometimes need to take a minute to remind myself that it is okay to slow down, to enjoy the little things, to stop pushing myself to do more and content myself with doing things that are pleasing not just obligatory.

Read a book slowly and savour the characters, the settings, and the dialogue.

Write poetry and savour using language

Read a story to my kids making sure all the voices are just right before they go to bed even if it means being 15 minutes late. 

Play the Die Rise map on zombies with my husband even if it means staying up 45 minutes later to finish some marking.

Take the time to really listen to a student’s story so they know I really care. Give some advice and hope it means something.

Spend a little time in the word getting to know the only one who will never leave, hurt, or forsake me.

Drink my coffee while it is hot.

Rule 46: Enjoy the little things.