It's a new day....

I have not actually blogged in a looooong time. Does it count that I had great intentions of blogging?  I feel like so much is going on but I really have nothing to say.  That is a humbling experience for someone like me - who always has something to say. In fact right now I have a combination of "Yo, my name is Nicholas and this is ridiculous, got mad gummy money... and the lines of Charlotte Smith's Sonnet LXXXIII. The Sea View - THE upland shepherd, as reclined he lies; On the soft turf that clothes the mountain brow, Marks the bright sea-line mingling with the skies; Or from his course celestial, sinking slow, The summer-sun in purple radiance low... sloping off of my tongue as I type.  I am a deep well.... :o) 

I a very much enjoying teaching my grade 7's this year.  It helps that I have known most of these kids since preschool since they are in Freedom's class.  We have a lot of fun - they show me great videos and talk to me about poetry and theology. 

I have been hard at work creating my new units for grade 7.  I am teaching fractions and Earth's Crust.   I am STOKED about the Earth's Crust - being a geology/geography major and all.  I get use my first degree for something other than impressing people in passing conversation.  I have created the first portion of the unit - soil, soil profiles, rocks, minerals, and mining.  I get to work on volcano's, plate tectonics, rifts, subduction ..... the good stuff basically.

My first portion is completed and can be found here: The Earth's Crust.

The 34 page student use pack covers the composition of the earth, its layers, rock and mineral properties, classifications, and uses, the rock cycle, mining, mineral deposits, soil formation and profiles, as well as a 2 possible extending learning projects.

The student use pack includes:

• Brainstorming sheet
• Worksheets and links for two Bill Nye Videos
• Vocabulary Group Project
• Hands on activities like Rock Cycle Fudge, Properties of
Minerals Stations, and Mining Chocolate Chips
• Diagrams, worksheets, information pages
• Rock cycle sentence strip and poster project
• Property Word Search
• Crossword Puzzle Assignment
• Extension Assignments and Activities like design your
own cookie mining invention, create your own cross
word, etc.

As well as a 37 page teacher resource pack with answer keys, teaching suggestions and important links, images, instructions, scripture verses for biblical integration, vocab sheets, as well as a quiz, adapted quiz and answer keys.

Works well with Hands on Science or Nelson Science and Technology 7. However, relevant information is provided in the booklets so they are not necessary. Resources are referred to as "extending learning" activities should you wish to include them.