I found this message by Rick Godwin when I was looking for something to motivate me.  His message is about untapped potential.  Potential that is hidden, unrealized, buried, or untapped.  This message was for ME where I am at right now.  But, I think it is for everyone who is a teacher. In our classrooms there lies tons of potential that has been overlooked, undervalued or has been quashed by a students daily life.  It is our job to see them for the unique, amazing, valuable individuals God made them to be.  We need to overlook behaviours.  Do not misunderstand, we need to deal with behaviours but those behaviours should not change how we value them or encourage and empower them.  We need to see through the shy child and find the leader.  Hear the voice of natural leaders and allow them to lead in a  right way with strategies that we equip them with.  We should VALUE our students and VALUE their potential as the next generation of world changers!!  Enjoy!