Yesterday was the first day back at school with the kids. I got great bunch of Grade 7's, including my
middle daughter :o). Seriously, am I the only one who feels like first day always flies by? We barely had time to do lockers, cubbies, binders and play a few games.

Both of my grade 7 classes LOVED the icebreakers. We played Who am I? Guess Who and did the fishbowl activity! You can take a peek at them here in my TPT store. It is one of my best sellers right now. Everyone commented on my classroom - I guess you can take the primary teacher out of the school but not out of the teacher. I moved up to the Grade 7's from a Grade 1 last year. I think - well, I know that mine is the only one with an owl clock and zebra print borders on everything. I even made a "bench" out of the bin storage shelf. I had *fun* decorating this year. The decorating was not only pretty - but functional. I believe in everything having a place. Organization is a teachers best friend! Personally I cannot wait until next year to add more!

Each class has a portion of the board for homework, the bags at the bottom of the board are for homework.  The assignment goes in a page protector on the front and when the kids put it into the bag they sign and date a sheet on the back so it is on record.  I never take homework from them.    My bellringers board is Sudoku right now, something simple they can do when they come in to get them working and not visiting. The pictures on the board behind my desk are all part of our bible units.  I am excite to get my bulletin boards up next week!  Ecosystems, base ten place value review, Back to the Basics {love God, love others} and ALL About ME {yearly goals}. The blue and green cavases at the front are for the outcomes in math and science that we are focusing on.  I printed and laminated them!

I also completed another one of my {Friday Fun Series} activities - layering liquids. My Grade Ones last year loved it. It focuses on observation, predication, and conclusions. It also teaches about density and how density affects liquids. It includes two experiments - lava lamps and the layered liquids rainbow activity. Check it out here.