Volleyball season is upon us.  In my household that equates with chaos. I coach the Grade 8 girls, my daughter Freedom is on the Grade 7 team and Cheyenne is varsity. We have a practice or tournament pretty much every day from now until the end of November.  Sometimes more than one at a time.  This weekend Grandma Nancy is taking Chey to her tournament because my team has their first tournament in Steinbach. I am excited! This is my first year coaching and the team of girls I have is making it a great year.  On top of that I get to coach my daughter Zoe.
We have been super busy in 7A.  We are learning all about ecosystems and populations right now.  We are making ecosystems in a jar and watching the wetland ecosystem turn into a grasslands ecosystem throughout the unit.  We have a such a wide variety of aquatic plants and soil types that we are able to observe several different speeds of succession taking place.  It is very cool! The kids are working on their population projects - a poster or story that tells me all about the life of their population and how they interact with their living and non living environment.  I have some amazing writers in my class, as well as some great writers.  So far the work has been exceptional. 

In math we are working on place value - this seems like an easy concept but few of the students have actually mastered it. If you do not understand the value of a number you cannot use it properly in addition, subtraction, division or multiplication.  We are still making some very basic mistakes like forgetting to carry or ignoring a 0 where there should be one.

To work towards getting rid of this learning gap we are working with Arrays, Extended and compact versions of numbers before heading into long multiplication.  We are also using our interactive math journals  {inspired by Runde!}to explore place value. We used the Place Value Flippable by 4mulaFun and did our mathematical thinking on the adjacent page.  We will be making numbers today and practicing saying them out loud and then writing them down. We are working in this book { to the left}and so far I can see some improvement in their conceptual understanding.