Thinking about homework...

I have tried several different methods of tracking homework in my class.  Moving into grade 7 I restructured what I was already ding to be able to include the upper grades.  However the focus stayed the same.

You can Use this to not only track homework but also to motivate students to complete and hand in homework on time.  As part of the homework club I always attach two dates to homework – the date the homework is due as a class, and then the date that I want the homework back if there are corrections or edits that need to be done, which is of course handed out individually. I always give students a chance to get a better grade and complete things to the best of their ability.

With this club comes a lot of in class teaching that focuses on intrinsic versus extrinsic
motivation – doing well in order to feel good about ourselves.  Being part of the homework club means encouraging each other to do their best and get things in on time and that means asking for help when we need it.  Being part of the club is meaningful not because of the prize but the accomplishment.  It is important for them to raise the bar high themselves and take small steps to make a bright future.


Check it out here

This pack includes everything you need to run a monthly homework club. Bought once this pack
can be re-used each year. It is full of bright colors and fun patterns {chevron, polka dots, damask, diamond, striped, etc.}

It includes:

-An expectation poster

-“Monthly Menu” poster that you can laminate and use to so show that months “menu”

-Monthly menu cards – just put some Velcro on the back and change them every month.  I have included games, movie, candy, chips, ice cream, popcorn, TV show, cookies, pop, and a blank one to personalize.

-Homework check list to allow students be self-accountable.  Laminate this and it can be reused.

-48 differently patterned and colored numbers to keep track of who is in the homework club.  These can also be laminated and reused.

-There is a homework club contract to review and sign.

-Homework Club number assignment sheet

-As well there are a list of suggestions for use that stem from my use of it in the classroom.

I am going to be focusing on getting my grade 7’s excited to do hard things, raise the bar, aim for more, and strive to break through the label of “mediocre” and the myth that says that adolescence is the time to take it easy.  I am doing this in grade 7, but I also did this in grade 1. Never underestimate your little ones!
If you check it out let me know what you think.