Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site wide Back to School Sale August 18 and 19 which means you {and me} can get up to 28% off all of our back to school purchases by using the code BTS13 when checking out.  If your list is as long as mine that could mean a LOT of savings! In my store there will be a 20% off sale from the 17-20th!

Here is a sneak peek of what is going at a Grade 7 Heaven:

Animal themed literacy station and printable workbook focused on teaching the beginning and ending sounds of common animal names.

·        In this download you will find printable cards that you can laminate and use in your ELA or spelling tubs. Throw in some letter tiles or magnet letters and you have a great kinesthetic learning activity

·        You will also find a printable booklet that mirrors the station cards. These can be used as a review, as recording sheets, or as an adapted activity to be used with the cards.

Skip Counting and Number Review pack to help review and develop these important skills. In this package you will find:

·        Introductory practice sheets to help your little ones learn skip counting

·        Uses tally lines, subitizing, and number lines.

·        Skip counting review sheets to see if they have conceptual understanding

·        Number review sheets to make sure that they keep practicing those important math skills like counting up, one more and one less, illustrating a number pictorially, numerically, and concretely, number sequencing, patterns with 3 or less elements and more!

·        Skip Counting by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 Anchor charts to place on your walls/boards for visual learners or to aid in learning

·        Assessment charts to track student learning

·        Connect the dots, fill in the blanks, cut and paste activities and more

This Spider Lapbook was created to be an accompanying set of mini lessons to complement our reading of Charlotte’s Web. It stretched over a period of eight weeks and we completed one or two
sections a week in conjunction with books and videos we watched {most are listed to give you a starting off point}.

·        This lapbook includes printables - some completed and some to allow for student writing, instructions, optional cover art, and an optional assessment;

·        Comic strip, lettering, and clipart spider for the cover

·        flip cover section that outlines anatomy of a fly and the anatomy of vs. a spider

·        venn diagram comparing arachnids and insects

·        life cycle of a spider

·        flipbook outlining the seven types of spider silk and their uses

·        pop out book all about arachnids

·        fold up book illustrating predators of spiders
 pocket outlining interesting facts we have learned

·        differences between web and wandering spiders

·        three mini books and pocket {super spiders, spider senses, and how to eat like a spider}

·        two page final assessment

I used this in a grade one class successfully but it can be used up to grade 5 or 6 as well– they all LOVED it. We covered sections as they popped up in the book and it flowed smoothly. Plus, they had a very cool final product to take home and use to tell their parents about all they learned.

Science Mega Pack

This Science Mega Pack Includes 9 fun and hands on science experiments to supplement our classroom learning while focusing on specific knowledge and skills to develop our little scientist’s love of science!

 It includes worksheets, hands on experiments, extension activities, assessments, and focuses on different skills and knowledge in each installment. 

Teacher Binder

This Teacher Binder has a variety of my favorite chevron patterns. It is everything you need to prepare yourself for the coming school year and organize yourself to make sure that it goes off without {many} hitches!
 Included are:

·        A beautiful cover page

·        Colorful patterned academic monthly calendar

·        Student data sheet

·        Student Incident Report Form

·        Parent Contact Log – Monthly

·        10 different but coordinated dividers {meetings, mark, student info, permission slips, parent     logs, parent meetings, student behavior, monthly calendar, extracurricular, a blank page to personalize}

·        Attendance Log

·        Student Mark Forms

·        Title page tabs

·        Seating Arrangement {laminate and save paper!}

·        Films Shown in Class Log

·        Daily Schedule Title Page

·        Daily Schedule Page

·        Binder Spines waiting to be personalized

This pack includes everything you need to run a Monthly Homework Club. Bought once this pack
can be re-used each year. It is full of bright colors and fun patterns {chevron, polka dots, damask, diamond, striped, etc.}
 It includes:

An expectation poster

·        “Monthly Menu” poster that you can laminate and use to so show that months “menu”

·        Monthly menu cards – just put some Velcro on the back and change them every month. I have included games, movie, candy, chips, ice cream, popcorn, TV show, cookies, pop, and a blank one to personalize.

·        Homework check list to allow students be self-accountable. Laminate this and it can be reused.

·        48 differently patterned and colored numbers to keep track of who is in the homework club. These can also be laminated and reused.

·        There is a homework club contract to review and sign.

·        Homework Club number assignment sheet

·        As well there are a list of suggestions for use that stem from my use of it in the classroom.

Use this to not only track homework but also to motivate students to complete and hand in homework on time. With this club comes a lot of in class teaching that focuses on intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation – doing well in order to feel good about ourselves. Being part of the club is meaningful not because of the prize but the accomplishment. It is important for them to raise the bar high themselves and take small steps to make a bright future.

This Math Survivor Pack includes everything you need to start putting together your own Math Survivor kit. This pack will help your organize your groups, organize your materials, and your challenges.

Included in this pack are

·        Expectation page that outlines how survivor will work in the class.

·        Suggestions for implementation and organization

·        There are 15 unique Unit Title pages to laminate and use to record the focus of that unit, Place them on a folder or an envelope to store things in and keep student materials together.

·        Color coded group labels to laminate and re-use. They can be used to record weekly point tallies as well as group names

·        Teacher’s weekly point recording sheets

·        Teacher recording sheet to keep track of group members and monthly totals.

·        Point tally topper for your bulletin board (or wall space)

·        5 Challenge Round Instruction Sheets with suggestions for use and examples where necessary.

·        A Weekly Rotation schedule for your binder

·        A Unit Checklist for you to use to organize your units, your materials, prep ahead of time, and make notes of important things to do, to buy, to make.

·        A Grand Finale Survivor inspired eat off challenge instruction sheet

This pack DOES NOT include the worksheets or challenge materials – this will be something unique to your classroom and your own teaching style. It can be used across a broad range of grade levels - I used it for grade one and grade seven. You may even choose to differentiate if you have a class with various strengths of learners. Challenge games and activities are outlined also, but the materials themselves are not included because this too will be unique to your classroom and teaching style. This pack is to help you organize your own materials and ideas into an effective Math Survivor. It is NOT editable.

Stop by to check out some of my new products that will be posted this weekend! Also check out my number lines, full page number lines, Owl themed Chevron Sub Binder, Math Reviews, Science Experiments and more!

Happy Shopping!