Okay, another giveaway!

It is that time of year for Back to School.  I have donated to quite a few of the giveaways - I like to share :o) If you follow this link http://www.elementaryschoolgarden.com/2013/08/huge-back-to-school-giveaway.html you are going to be taken to The Elementary School Garden back to school giveaway.  There are a ton of great prizes - I myself donated AH-mazing Guided Reading {Skills} Centers/Tub and Guided Reading Strategy Resources Mini Pack .

If you have followed my blog at all you know my grade ones LOVED guided reading. I feel that the reading strategies {stretching, getting your lips ready, context clues and so on} were an important part of their developing literacy.  It gave them tools that they could use on their own to feel like reading ninjas and develop self efficacy.

Be sure to check the giveaway out - there are a few different packs you could win and they are geared at grade levels so you know that whatever you get you can use!