First day in my new room....

I went in to day to start organizing my room {Okay, lets me honest I went to make it purty}.  I realize a lot of classrooms in middle/high school become "just classrooms" - not the like colorful wonderlands of posters, and word walls, and print everywhere.  That.  is.  not.  my.  room.

COLOR!  As much of it as I could get without getting any of my UI this summer.  I taped the boards, rearranged, put up bulletin boards and pictures.  Tomorrow I am going back to finish organizing {decorating}.

I am stoked.

I also just want to shamelessly plug my FREE homework passes.  I have made a few new ones - Sweet Deal {cupcakes}, Christmas, Christian ChristmasHalloween, Monster, Science, Math,  Snow Pals...

They can be used as an incentive all on their own, but I made them to go with my Monthly Homework Club. 

Check 'em out! 

While you are at it also peek at my FREE chevron birthday balloons.  I like to stick them to the end of curly straw.  Grade Ones loved them, Grade Fives loved them, and Grade Sevens too!