Blog Hop, Product Swap, Giveaway!

So today we have a little something special for you.  By “we” I mean myself and a few other extremely talented teachers.  Eight of us got together and swapped products. 

Why you ask? 

We did this to showcase some very interesting teaching resources in the most practical {and fun} way by thinking about how we would use them in our classroom and what we think makes them awesome resources for our students Let’s face it, we all teach differently and sometimes we wonder what it would look like if someone else taught our lessons or used our resources.  This is essentially what we have sought to do

The participating blogs are:

She reviewed Teach for Teach's pack of 40 science starters.

He reviewed Simone’s Four Quadrant Coordinate Riddles.

She reviewed Janet's product called Compare and Contrast for Primary Grades. 

She reviewed Cecilia’s Non-Fiction News: Common Core Reading and Writing K-2 Farm Edition

She reviewed my Beginning and Ending Sounds Literacy Station

I reviewed Lynn’s Cheez-It Match and Write activity

She reviewed Carla’s Reading Comprehension Learning Mats.

She reviewed Carrie’s game Drop and Read

Now after you read all of these amazing posts you have a chance at winning something from my TPT store 2 WINNERS CHOICE! My store has resources from K to 8 so there will be something for you all.  All you have to do it comment about your favorite product that was reviewed on any of the blogs, why you like it, and how you would use it in your classroom. 

I want to thank all the amazing teachers who took part in this blog hop product swap.  You are amazing! Please check out their TPT stores and blogs to learn more about their must have teaching resources.