BLOG HOP {Cheez-Its for all}

So as part of the blog hop I get to review the very talented Lynn, or as she is better known The Camping Teacher’s, FREE resource “Cheez-It Match and Write Activity Pages”. You can
find it here { http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Cheez-It-Match-and-Write-602753 } and I suggest downloading it if you teach Pre-K, Kindergarten or Grade One, or if you have a little one at home and you want to help them develop their letter sense.

Did you know that the Cheez-IT people make not only your favorite cheesy cracker but also ALPHABETIZED ones?  I did not, but now I do!

Lynn provides you with several pages that have the letters of the alphabet, a square block to match your alphabetized Cheez-it to the letter, and then a line for them to write the lowercase and uppercase letters themselves. I suggest laminating and using as a set of station mats that can be used and reused. This digital download is straight forward, which I appreciate. After a very quick walkthrough your littles will be not only eager but ready to tackle the activity.  This is PERFECT for a kindergarten classroom, and I would definitely have used it at the beginning of the Grade One school year as a review and assessment. I would also use this as a support activity that I could provide an EA when a student needs one on one letter work.

The activity is hands on, and I think that hands on is one of the best things we can do for them.  Not only that we are providing them with fun manipulatives, they are manipluatives that they can eat.  Does it really get better than that when you’re a student?

Make sure to check it out! Also, pop over to Lynn’s blog to see more of her amazing teaching resources { http://www.iamcampingteacher.blogspot.com/ } and her TPT store where she keeps her talent stored for our enjoyment {http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Campingteacher }


Bye Bye!