Organizing, wrapping up summer, and MATH!

This week seems to have FLOWN by!  I have been in my class a few times and it seems like every time I go back I feel the need to re-arrange the furniture and decorate something new.  It is a much larger classroom than I had last year and I am moving from Grade One to Grade Seven so I keep second guessing what Grade Seven should look like.  But {knock on wood} I think I got it yesterday.  I even settled down and photocopied a bunch of work.  I am proud of me.

Although last night I did go buy some new bulletin board borders {chevron and zebra - how could I not??} I also bought some black butcher paper so I can make some scrunched borders and cover the ugly purple one I have going on right now.

I went to a really good math in-service offered by the province of Manitoba. I learned a lot of things but the two that stuck with me the most are using base ten blocks {extended to makes a base 100) as a basis for making a dot chart or array model.  Dyslexic students benefit from this type of manipulative but so will any visual learner, myself included. Using the base ten dot model you can work with any math algorithm.  We practiced with long division and multiplication and it worked like a charm because it works with place value in a way that kids can understand.

You start with array model, move to vertical extended and then finally to vertical compact when you start working with them on, let’s say, long multiplication.  First you draw the array for 37 by 68.  There are 30x60 ten by tens {1800 or 18 one hundred blocks}, there are 60x7 ten rods, 30 by 8 ten rods {420 and 240} and then 8x7 ones {56 ones}. Adding them together you get 1800, plus 420, plus 240, plus 56 which equals 2516.

When they understand this the visual of groups of hundreds, tens, and ones and what they each represent you move on to extended model.


  X 68

     56 {8 times 7}

   240 {8 times 30}

   420 {60 times 7}

 1800 {30 times 60}



When our students finally master this we can move them up to compact model.


  X 68




 Even though we should be doing this throughout elementary school as we move into more difficult symbolic ideas we need to keep that visual with them so they can “see” what it means to use an algorithm instead of just know how to utilize it!

 That being said I also worked on part of my classroom Math Survivor.  I completed a few sets of challenges that I am excited about!

 Face Off is a dice game played in a group. Students work as a team to follow a series of steps to find the final answer as they follow instructions to double, multiply, half, switch place value digits and so on. It can be individual or against other teams. I suggest only giving each group one sheet at a time and have them challenge each other. This is how I am doing it.

Beat the clock is a series of problem solving challenges that asks students to use logic, prior knowledge, deduction, and collaboration to find answers to logic problems. The challenges include looking at one and two variable questions, probability, place value, as well as number patterns and more. I was excited to make my own logic problems!

There are three scavenger hunts. Groups are prompted to decipher the numbers using 5 to 7 clues. The third set of clues includes decimals.

The last portion of this download is the integer relay. Teams are challenged to match equations with right answers as they race to get their group across the finish line.

 These challenges are meant to be fun so some of the challenges you will find a review of early grade seven or late grade six curriculum.

As part of this post I am giving away three of the individual challenges from the Beat the Clock challenge for you to use and check out. 

 So, now that the sun is up and my kidlets are moving around I should go and get my school shopping wrapped up!  Later!


LAST Giveaway! Teacher Goodies for ALL!

Today is the third and last giveaway {although there are still a few days to enter all the giveaways below}.  In this giveaway you may win a bunch of teacher goodies - things for you or your classroom!

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First day in my new room....

I went in to day to start organizing my room {Okay, lets me honest I went to make it purty}.  I realize a lot of classrooms in middle/high school become "just classrooms" - not the like colorful wonderlands of posters, and word walls, and print everywhere.  That.  is.  not.  my.  room.

COLOR!  As much of it as I could get without getting any of my UI this summer.  I taped the boards, rearranged, put up bulletin boards and pictures.  Tomorrow I am going back to finish organizing {decorating}.

I am stoked.

I also just want to shamelessly plug my FREE homework passes.  I have made a few new ones - Sweet Deal {cupcakes}, Christmas, Christian ChristmasHalloween, Monster, Science, Math,  Snow Pals...

They can be used as an incentive all on their own, but I made them to go with my Monthly Homework Club. 

Check 'em out! 

While you are at it also peek at my FREE chevron birthday balloons.  I like to stick them to the end of curly straw.  Grade Ones loved them, Grade Fives loved them, and Grade Sevens too!


If you love chevron..

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Let's face it, most of us are back to school or heading back very soon.  Chevron is a great pick me up - just sayin".

Tis the season....

I always believe in keeping myself in good company. Over at Learning in Wonderland { http://www.learninginwonderland.com/2013/08/bts-giveaway-linky.html?showComment=1377148767036#c8453428302332703120 } she is having a GREAT giveaway.  Check it out.

In conjunction with her giveaway I will be giving away $20 in things from my TPT store - the more the merrier.  All you have to do is follow my blog and comment below with your full name and tell me the FIRST thing you bought for back to school.  The comments will be numbered 1 and so on and I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. 

Good luck!


Day 3 of the HUGE BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY {4 to 6 and Secondary Bundles}

Well, here are the second parts of this amazing giveaway - even though the TPT Back to School sale is over doesn't mean we mean we need to partying!.  This is for all you 4 to 6 and Secondary Teachers. Good luck! {the K to 3 giveaways are still open a few more days too!}

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To celebrate the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale there will be a flash freebie here on my blog for TWO HOURS!

Mentos and Coke {Friday Fun Series} Hands on Science Experiment that focuses on learning about surface tension and group work.

Download it {HERE}. Comment below what you think of it.

Keep your eyes open because I have a HUGE BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY going live Monday!!

This flash freebie is closed!  Thanks for downloading!


Blog Hop, Product Swap, Giveaway!

So today we have a little something special for you.  By “we” I mean myself and a few other extremely talented teachers.  Eight of us got together and swapped products. 

Why you ask? 

We did this to showcase some very interesting teaching resources in the most practical {and fun} way by thinking about how we would use them in our classroom and what we think makes them awesome resources for our students Let’s face it, we all teach differently and sometimes we wonder what it would look like if someone else taught our lessons or used our resources.  This is essentially what we have sought to do

The participating blogs are:

She reviewed Teach for Teach's pack of 40 science starters.

He reviewed Simone’s Four Quadrant Coordinate Riddles.

She reviewed Janet's product called Compare and Contrast for Primary Grades. 

She reviewed Cecilia’s Non-Fiction News: Common Core Reading and Writing K-2 Farm Edition

She reviewed my Beginning and Ending Sounds Literacy Station

I reviewed Lynn’s Cheez-It Match and Write activity

She reviewed Carla’s Reading Comprehension Learning Mats.

She reviewed Carrie’s game Drop and Read

Now after you read all of these amazing posts you have a chance at winning something from my TPT store 2 WINNERS CHOICE! My store has resources from K to 8 so there will be something for you all.  All you have to do it comment about your favorite product that was reviewed on any of the blogs, why you like it, and how you would use it in your classroom. 

I want to thank all the amazing teachers who took part in this blog hop product swap.  You are amazing! Please check out their TPT stores and blogs to learn more about their must have teaching resources.