To study uncommon forms of measurement we enjoyed the bright sun while painting our feet purple. Last class we will measure the foot prints with big and small marshmallows to practice our estimating and sense of ratio.



This morning we learned about loving God and loving people in bible. We talked about new pennies and old pennies and how Jesus makes us all new pennies. When we choose him the crud - the dirt, old gum, germs, and dents we get in life are washed away and we become new!

We did our spelling test since there is no school tomorrow. the littles did AWESOME! We read a new Charlotte's Web chapter today - the kids love this book. Even my hyper ones sit {well, lay} through the chapters.

We had chapel that blew many of their little minds. We learned about Watoto. If you do not know what Watoto is you need to check then out here: http://www.watoto.com/. they are an organization that pairs widows with children orphaned by war, famine, sickness and circumstance. They give them a home, they give them a mother, they give them food, health care, education - love and hope - and JESUS!

Our school is doing a walk for Watoto Wed. June 19th. Your child will be bringing home a pledge form. Our class decided that they would raise 200 for this walk - so please support your little one in their dedication. I have five kids, a job, a house, and volunteer and my kids have things going on all the time so I know TIME is scarse. But I think it is important to take the time to show our children that the real purpose for us being here - to heal the broken hearted, to raise the poor out of poverty, to love eachother as Jesus loved us, to share the good news with all those who have ears to hear. We need to show them we know how to put others before ourselves before they will learn to do it themselves.

Check out these stories about how Watoto has changed lives: http://www.watoto.com/sponsorship/godfreys-story and http://www.watoto.com/sponsorship/josephs-story:-rescue . they had some of the kids in tears :o