Taste test mania!


I finally found something they didn't like.....figs! That's right - today we tried mission and Smyrna figs. We learned about the history, geography, and VERY interesting life cycle (fig wasps are incubated in figs!). Only 7 of my firsties liked them. I thought they were great personally :o)

Today we also continued to work on antonyms. They are very good with synonyms and antonyms now! I am impressed. Tomorrow we are going to continue to work on our craftivity to wrap up our learning "Aunty Nyms :o) " I thought it was a cute pay on words.

We are wrapping up our work on estimating and double digit addition. We are also still working on the properties of substances and objects. You should have gotten a note home that tells you we are making a bird house Friday morning (if all works out well for us). It is track and field day is only in the afternoon. They need to bring supplies from home and do some preplanning to make it work. I think it will be fun!