A bug juicebox?


The kids were entraced!

We worked on adding a new flap to our folders and are pretty much done. Spider test on Friday :o)

I tried to upload our Friday capers in science but unfortunately my teenage daughter erased all my pictures for me. :o)

We talked about physical and chemical changes and did a few experiments to test them out. We made clay animals and cut them up to see if we changed their molecules. We didn't.

them we did small group vinegar and baking soda explosions to see if we made a new substance and if we changed the molecules - we did :o)

Then to wrap it all up we baking cinnamon roll ups in the kitchen to review (rolling up changes the shape of the dough so it is physical. When we baked it it changed texture, teh butter melted and the sugar melted and became crispy. We decided baking was a chemical change.

It was a great day :o) thanks for sharing your kids with me.