Whoosh! That sums up this week!

What a blur of a week!  I feel like it was barely Monday!

Yesterday we had the Mother’s Day Chapel, resented by Mrs. Wall’s Grade 4 class.  It was awesome; it talked about how we can show our Mom’s we love them and why Moms are so important to us. I got some awesome reports from my littles that they did some amazing things for their Mom’s this week – breakfast in bed, washing all the dishes, leaving special notes on their pillows.  I love that they take their kindness homework so seriously.  That really summarize the heart of my class – compassionate. We have been learning that it is not enough to use our words to tell someone you love them – that love is an action {a verb}.  Jesus showed us he loved us by being diligent, bold, and obedient to the point of death.  We are to be like him, and this means showing love in the things we do and say.  We are to please the Lord “with the words of our mouth and the thoughts of our heart”.

Today we did our spelling test, finished or Mothers’ Day cards and gifts.  I have to admit that our Mother’s Day gift was a little bit unconventional – but they are super cute and the kids were so excited.  They worked so hard on them.

We spent the afternoon making butter and learning about EMULSIONS – grade one style.

Milk and cream contain fats that are kept inside globules {imagine small microscopic water balloons}.

When we agitate {shake up} the cream we damage the umembrane {outside of the water balloon}. The fats hiding inside the globules begin to join together and begin to separate from the other parts of the cream.

We can see the physical changes taking place as the fats break through the protein balloons and the cream gets lumpy, chunky and finally solid and smooth.  We talked about data {Facts that we gather by observing, and Information that helps us understand and form a conclusion}.  We collected data and next week we are going to do a class survey and tally the data and formulate conclusions.  Lastly, we will be proposing a third experiment with a different independent variable.

I know this sounds like a crazy thing to do in a Grade one class – but I cocoon literacy and math in all of these activities.  I am just trying to challenge them to grow as learners and take risks as students while presenting them with hands on learning experiences to springboard ELA and Math skills and knowledge :o)

Big thank yous to the two wonderful families who shared snacks with our class this week.  It is exciting to try new things!

In math this week we are working on adding and subtracting to 20 in small groups -  another cut and paste activity to incorporate those important motor skills we need to develop!