I am alive and well and we are THRIVING in 1A

A lot has been happening in 1A. I have been a bit under the weather, but I appreciate all the prayers and I am feeling 100% again. Praise the Lord!
Last week Friday we learned about Force and Motion {as well as thrust and push}. We watched an old short film about force and thrust. We studied Igor Sikorsky who made the first models of the modern day helicopter and looked at the drawing Leonardo Da Vinci made that inspired the rotors. They were amazed at how things have changed! We then made roto-copters and did some fair testing. We learned about independent variables and dependent variables as well. They did very well.
This week has flown by – I thought I had posted the spelling words from the Ipad, but it seems that the server was down and the post never went up. My apologies. We tested today and overall did very well. Make sure to practice up before Friday those of you who had some corrections to make.
We have been working hard on our spider lapbooks, which are coming along nicely. We watched a vintage film about Black Widows from 1962 – very interesting to see them react to the filmography! However, it was very factual and told us all about the life cycle and predators of the black widow. So in our lapbook we have completed sections on the life cycle, as well as a mini book about super spiders. They are so excited to show them to you when they are done.
We have read a few more chapters of Charlotte’s Web. They love the story and they are starting to use the vocab studies we are doing to infer meaning in words during read aloud! I am so happy to see this. We are going to be working on a few comprehension activities yet this week.
We played SWAT yesterday to work on our mental math skills. Essentially I write numbers from 6 to 20 on the board and yell equations out {6+2+3=} and they have to use fly swatters to hit the right sum. They loved this and asked to do it again. We will be working on blends and digraphs this way next week.
Reminders: Ice cream is being sold on Wednesdays at lunch for $1. Spelling test Friday. Let me know if you are interested in sending a cultural dish for the class to share as part of our look at how we are all different {and the same!} Running Club starts next week – forms were sent home yesterday. Please send all library books back to school – most of the kids still have one at home and cannot take out more books until they been returned. Only a few library classes left before all books must be in!

PS!! - Many of my little ones were proud to tell me today that they completed their homework. We are working on our Mothers Day gifts and I told them as part of the gift to do something nice for Mom without being asked. I heard about dishes being done, rooms being cleaned, doors being opened, cards being made! I love the heart of my class! Way to go!