Happy Long Weekend!

IMG_0529 IMG_0531 Today was a great day in 1A.  We started the day off by watching a grade four French presentation – this was to show them what awesome speakers of the French language they would become by grade 4.  I took French until high school and I am sure that my grade one class already knows as much as I did!

IMG_0535After the French we did our spelling test.  They did awesome!  After spelling we started talking about today’s science focus - plants.  We did a flowers can/have/are brainstorm.  They had some great idea – they can grow, bloom, die, be picked, they have stems, leaves, petals, roots, pollen, and they are plants, different colors, scented {good and bad}, predators {sometimes!}.

Then we talked about the parts of a flower and what they do to help the flower grow.  We included talking about chlorophyll and how photosynthesis helps plants and the environment.  The driving force that moves water throughout a plant is called EVAPORTION. Water brought to the top of the flower evaporates through the leaves and this is called TRANSPIRATION {it is kind of like sweating!}

Now, the plant really needs the water and the nutrients sucked up by the roots to be healthy and strong.  It wants to hold onto as much water as it can so it spreads them out into its stem, leaves, and flower.

The bottom of the flower needs the top of the flower and the top of the flower needs the bottom!

How does it do this?  XYLEM and PHLOEM.  Xylem are kind of like the “highway tunnels” that water uses to travel inside of the flower to the top. Phloem cells are all over the plant and help sugars and nutrients spread out all over the flower and back down to the roots.

We tested this knowledge by placing carnations into dyed water and watching it travel through the xylem into the other parts of the flower.  We even split several flowers in half and put them into two colors.  Very cool.

Today we wrapped up one of the classes favorite art projects – salt and watercolor trees :o) They were totally adorable!

We also planted our beans into the plastic bags we are going to grow them in.  Many of the kids remember doing this last year – this is great because prior knowledge helps our littles make meaningful connections to learning. This activity will become one of tie ins to measurement and graphing.

Please remember – book order are due back soon.  Field trip forms to Lower Fort Gary due back June 1st, toonie for sports day should be returned {along with volunteer form if you are free}, and library books should all be returned.


Mrs. Hildebrand