Gimme the BOOOOM!

Friday was an important and fun day in our class.

We talked about SURFACE TENSION!

We know that ATOMS are the building blocks of life and that they are so small you cannot see them with only your eyes.  We also know that MOLECULES are formed when atoms join together.

In LIQUIDS molecules join together and the BONDS between them are like very strong magnets – they want to stick together even when something is trying very hard to break them apart.

This is called SURFACE TENSION. Surface tension is a property of liquids that allows them to stand up to an outside FORCE {push or pull}. Surface tension is created because molecules on the surface of a liquid are ATTRACTED to other molecules on the surface and they try to stick together.

We tested to see how many drops of water the top of a penny would hold.  e talked about estimating {reasonable guess} and the kids made some great guesses.  Who knew the top of a penny could hold 54 drop of water {we did not all get 54 drops haha}.

We watched a video about the water strider and talked about how that tied into the idea of surface tension.

Finally - we finished it off with a mentos and diet coke explosion.  Talked about the surface tension of the coke and the surface area of the mentos and how bubbles are formed and spawn more bubbles. 

To say they loved it would be an understatement.  We finished off the day by reading outside under the trees.  Best.  Day.  Ever. In about an hour you will be able to watch our first try at a mentos explosion here ---> https://vimeo.com/67076816

Today we did partner searches for synonyms, completed some spelling, and will be working on some fun plant related learning after they get back to class!

Be Blessed!