Synonym scavenging!


Synonym roll scavenger hunt! This is one of their favourite things to do!


IMG_0626[1]Today we did something fun :o) We made synonym buns! We learned about words that mean the same thing even though they are different - like scrumptious and yummy. Then we got into partners using good old popcorn containers and crumbled "popcorn" balls, each of the students pull a "boring" word and then have to brainstorm with a partner some synonyms. Then they follow a recipe that calls for dash of "thesaurus" - so we used the ipad, iphone, computer, and paper thesaurus. Then they recorded their synonyms onto "icing" and made synonym rolls. IMG_0621
IMG_0623 IMG_0624 IMG_0625

Field trip forms are due, hot lunch due, spelling tomorrow.


Gimme the BOOOOM!

Friday was an important and fun day in our class.

We talked about SURFACE TENSION!

We know that ATOMS are the building blocks of life and that they are so small you cannot see them with only your eyes.  We also know that MOLECULES are formed when atoms join together.

In LIQUIDS molecules join together and the BONDS between them are like very strong magnets – they want to stick together even when something is trying very hard to break them apart.

This is called SURFACE TENSION. Surface tension is a property of liquids that allows them to stand up to an outside FORCE {push or pull}. Surface tension is created because molecules on the surface of a liquid are ATTRACTED to other molecules on the surface and they try to stick together.

We tested to see how many drops of water the top of a penny would hold.  e talked about estimating {reasonable guess} and the kids made some great guesses.  Who knew the top of a penny could hold 54 drop of water {we did not all get 54 drops haha}.

We watched a video about the water strider and talked about how that tied into the idea of surface tension.

Finally - we finished it off with a mentos and diet coke explosion.  Talked about the surface tension of the coke and the surface area of the mentos and how bubbles are formed and spawn more bubbles. 

To say they loved it would be an understatement.  We finished off the day by reading outside under the trees.  Best.  Day.  Ever. In about an hour you will be able to watch our first try at a mentos explosion here ---> https://vimeo.com/67076816

Today we did partner searches for synonyms, completed some spelling, and will be working on some fun plant related learning after they get back to class!

Be Blessed!


Tension... The fun kind!


Today we are studying surface tension all day and our first experiment is to see how many drops of water fit on top of a penny. This is also our introduction to estimating. We talked about reasonable guesses and looked at what two drops of water looked like before we guessed. I think they made pretty good guesses, we are doing the follow up experiment after recess. We are also learning about bugs that walk on water, and doing a rather e plosives experiment after lunch. It is going to be a blast!


Happy Long Weekend!

IMG_0529 IMG_0531 Today was a great day in 1A.  We started the day off by watching a grade four French presentation – this was to show them what awesome speakers of the French language they would become by grade 4.  I took French until high school and I am sure that my grade one class already knows as much as I did!

IMG_0535After the French we did our spelling test.  They did awesome!  After spelling we started talking about today’s science focus - plants.  We did a flowers can/have/are brainstorm.  They had some great idea – they can grow, bloom, die, be picked, they have stems, leaves, petals, roots, pollen, and they are plants, different colors, scented {good and bad}, predators {sometimes!}.

Then we talked about the parts of a flower and what they do to help the flower grow.  We included talking about chlorophyll and how photosynthesis helps plants and the environment.  The driving force that moves water throughout a plant is called EVAPORTION. Water brought to the top of the flower evaporates through the leaves and this is called TRANSPIRATION {it is kind of like sweating!}

Now, the plant really needs the water and the nutrients sucked up by the roots to be healthy and strong.  It wants to hold onto as much water as it can so it spreads them out into its stem, leaves, and flower.

The bottom of the flower needs the top of the flower and the top of the flower needs the bottom!

How does it do this?  XYLEM and PHLOEM.  Xylem are kind of like the “highway tunnels” that water uses to travel inside of the flower to the top. Phloem cells are all over the plant and help sugars and nutrients spread out all over the flower and back down to the roots.

We tested this knowledge by placing carnations into dyed water and watching it travel through the xylem into the other parts of the flower.  We even split several flowers in half and put them into two colors.  Very cool.

Today we wrapped up one of the classes favorite art projects – salt and watercolor trees :o) They were totally adorable!

We also planted our beans into the plastic bags we are going to grow them in.  Many of the kids remember doing this last year – this is great because prior knowledge helps our littles make meaningful connections to learning. This activity will become one of tie ins to measurement and graphing.

Please remember – book order are due back soon.  Field trip forms to Lower Fort Gary due back June 1st, toonie for sports day should be returned {along with volunteer form if you are free}, and library books should all be returned.


Mrs. Hildebrand


Just to say....

Happy Mother's Day all you super moms 😊

Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate. (Proverbs 31:31 NIV)


Whoosh! That sums up this week!

What a blur of a week!  I feel like it was barely Monday!

Yesterday we had the Mother’s Day Chapel, resented by Mrs. Wall’s Grade 4 class.  It was awesome; it talked about how we can show our Mom’s we love them and why Moms are so important to us. I got some awesome reports from my littles that they did some amazing things for their Mom’s this week – breakfast in bed, washing all the dishes, leaving special notes on their pillows.  I love that they take their kindness homework so seriously.  That really summarize the heart of my class – compassionate. We have been learning that it is not enough to use our words to tell someone you love them – that love is an action {a verb}.  Jesus showed us he loved us by being diligent, bold, and obedient to the point of death.  We are to be like him, and this means showing love in the things we do and say.  We are to please the Lord “with the words of our mouth and the thoughts of our heart”.

Today we did our spelling test, finished or Mothers’ Day cards and gifts.  I have to admit that our Mother’s Day gift was a little bit unconventional – but they are super cute and the kids were so excited.  They worked so hard on them.

We spent the afternoon making butter and learning about EMULSIONS – grade one style.

Milk and cream contain fats that are kept inside globules {imagine small microscopic water balloons}.

When we agitate {shake up} the cream we damage the umembrane {outside of the water balloon}. The fats hiding inside the globules begin to join together and begin to separate from the other parts of the cream.

We can see the physical changes taking place as the fats break through the protein balloons and the cream gets lumpy, chunky and finally solid and smooth.  We talked about data {Facts that we gather by observing, and Information that helps us understand and form a conclusion}.  We collected data and next week we are going to do a class survey and tally the data and formulate conclusions.  Lastly, we will be proposing a third experiment with a different independent variable.

I know this sounds like a crazy thing to do in a Grade one class – but I cocoon literacy and math in all of these activities.  I am just trying to challenge them to grow as learners and take risks as students while presenting them with hands on learning experiences to springboard ELA and Math skills and knowledge :o)

Big thank yous to the two wonderful families who shared snacks with our class this week.  It is exciting to try new things!

In math this week we are working on adding and subtracting to 20 in small groups -  another cut and paste activity to incorporate those important motor skills we need to develop!



For those of you that asked...

I have had three different requests for the link to the curriculum I create. This is my Teachers Pay Teachers Store {click here} where I post and sell all of things I create.  Thank you for the interest in our learning.  I always love to hear that my students are sharing the learning love.  :o)

I am alive and well and we are THRIVING in 1A

A lot has been happening in 1A. I have been a bit under the weather, but I appreciate all the prayers and I am feeling 100% again. Praise the Lord!
Last week Friday we learned about Force and Motion {as well as thrust and push}. We watched an old short film about force and thrust. We studied Igor Sikorsky who made the first models of the modern day helicopter and looked at the drawing Leonardo Da Vinci made that inspired the rotors. They were amazed at how things have changed! We then made roto-copters and did some fair testing. We learned about independent variables and dependent variables as well. They did very well.
This week has flown by – I thought I had posted the spelling words from the Ipad, but it seems that the server was down and the post never went up. My apologies. We tested today and overall did very well. Make sure to practice up before Friday those of you who had some corrections to make.
We have been working hard on our spider lapbooks, which are coming along nicely. We watched a vintage film about Black Widows from 1962 – very interesting to see them react to the filmography! However, it was very factual and told us all about the life cycle and predators of the black widow. So in our lapbook we have completed sections on the life cycle, as well as a mini book about super spiders. They are so excited to show them to you when they are done.
We have read a few more chapters of Charlotte’s Web. They love the story and they are starting to use the vocab studies we are doing to infer meaning in words during read aloud! I am so happy to see this. We are going to be working on a few comprehension activities yet this week.
We played SWAT yesterday to work on our mental math skills. Essentially I write numbers from 6 to 20 on the board and yell equations out {6+2+3=} and they have to use fly swatters to hit the right sum. They loved this and asked to do it again. We will be working on blends and digraphs this way next week.
Reminders: Ice cream is being sold on Wednesdays at lunch for $1. Spelling test Friday. Let me know if you are interested in sending a cultural dish for the class to share as part of our look at how we are all different {and the same!} Running Club starts next week – forms were sent home yesterday. Please send all library books back to school – most of the kids still have one at home and cannot take out more books until they been returned. Only a few library classes left before all books must be in!

PS!! - Many of my little ones were proud to tell me today that they completed their homework. We are working on our Mothers Day gifts and I told them as part of the gift to do something nice for Mom without being asked. I heard about dishes being done, rooms being cleaned, doors being opened, cards being made! I love the heart of my class! Way to go!


Can someone pass me the seven up?

Today I am home sick but wanted to take a few minutes to post a few reminders.

Mother's Day is fast approaching and we have sent home a great fundraising opportunity that benefits both parents and the school. The gardening gift cards are to be paid for by ASAP so they can be ordered. I know it seems like spring is mythical but maybe a step of faith that says "I am ready to garden" is all it will take to jump start the warm weather.

Spelling is tomorrow, and the littles could use a little practice!

A note will be going home about cultural dishes in the class so watch for it when I am back.

I have been approached about tutoring this summer and have thought it over. I will be tutoring all of July. Over the summer we know kids experience learning loss - so I will be offering four weeks of guided reading, writing , math, and science help in hour long sessions. I will tutoring kids from 4 to 12. If you are interested drop me an email at erhildebrand@springs.ca. If you know other families who would benefit from this kind of help share my name. I value education and would love to support families who want their little ones to succeed.

Mrs. Hildebrand