Vocabulary - they like it, they really really like it!

Today we undertook a more indepth study of vocabulary than one might expect from a grade one classroom.  I thought I would post this before some  of you saw the vocab sheet from todays charlotte's web lesson. 

Today they looked at words like wept, sopping, distribute, enchanted, and command.  We read the passages that went with each word and then we talked about "contextual clues" - and yes we called them that.  Some times an author puts hints in a piece of text to help us understand the hard words that we are not comfortable with yet.  We read the passages, guessed at the meaning of each word and shared what clues led us to choose that meaning.  Some of the quiet kids from other lessons BLOSSOMEd today.  I have some really bright students in my class :o)  Just thought I would share a bit of my pride with you all before they get back from music.

This underscores everything we are learning with our reading strategies and taking it to the next level.  I really beleive that challenging kids and teaching them to expect more from themselves than they had before {while giving them skills to do this}  is essential to creating a child who is confident and exemplifies self efficacy.

Yay grade1A!!


Mrs. Hildebrand