Today :o) made me smile



Today was both fun and informative :o)  We started the day by learning mroe about the boyhood of Jesus and talked about the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  Knowledge is something we learn about {like spiders} and wisdom is using what we know to make right choices {not playing with them if we know they can be poisonous}.

Then we worked on another portion of our lapbook - which is becoming one of their favorite thigns to do.  We read about Arachnids and insects - venn diagramed similarities and differences and make a small fold out book about arachnids. 

We did a telling time scavenger hunt - this was to help mw see who was ready to move on in time and who wasn't.  We are not ready to move onto anything harder.  Only about 1/3 of the class could read the clocks - most still think that 12:00 is 12:60 and 5:45 is 5:9 :o)  Too cute.  so , we will continue to practice our time telling for awhile longer.

In the afternoon we talked about how Jesus shows us he loves us - and described how he loved us {unconditional, generous, always, forgive, etc.}.  They did some great work!  I made a video on my Iphone (no faces) and I want to see if I can upload it onto my blog.  That would be cool.

Reminders: Pictures need to come back with payment asap.  Spelling test tomorrow.  Please send warm clothes with your kids still - it can be windy and very cold if they get wet.