Thursday already!

Today is always a great day in our class.  My grade ones LOVE to praise God! Today one of my boys told me he wished it could be chapel every day {awww}. Chapel today was about friendship – and it was a great time for this too.  In our class we have a few persistent issues like “you’re not coming to my party” or “I can’t play with you this recess because I can only play with people who have…”.  We are working on them and this will help us learn and grow as well.

We started watching a National Geographic special about super spiders (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGHeAjCOyM0 ).  We are not watching all of it since portions of it talk about evolution but we are watching parts that tie into our learning.  Today we watched about spinnerets and silk.  One spider can have up to 3 meters of web inside at one time!  Then when they are all out of web they can eat the web to gather proteins to create more silk.  I told them it was like I had orange spinnerets on my body and I gave them all oranges from them.  When they were done I would eat the orange rinds and pulp that is left over and then I could make more oranges.  They thought that was hilarious.

We also talked about predators of the spider and added a new flap to our lap book.  They love this project – and it combines literacy, as well as gross and fine motor skill development (cutting, folding, fine drawing and writing)! We watched a Venus fly trap eat a spider {yum!}.

Yesterday we read Miles and Miles of Reptiles by Dr. Seuss and compared reptiles and spiders.   They actually had a lot in common! They lay eggs, they can be venomous, they come in all shapes and sizes, they camouflage themselves to protect themselves from predators, they can climb walls – they had a ton of great input!

Today we did some more vocabulary studies – gnawing, determined, detested, ancient, and cramped.  They are getting so good at using context clues!

Reminders: Hot lunch tomorrow.  Spelling test in the morning.  Most of the kids need pencils.