Sign of a full day...


when you look at your board and it has your bible, your ELA vocabulary work, your morning math, science and social projects all scattered - you know its been a great day for learning.

Today we learned about Josiah and how he prayed, read the word, listened to his elders, followed the example of his ancestors (King David) and did what was right even thought he was only EIGHT YEARS OLD! We talked about the book of the law and I showed them the part of the bible most people think this includes (mostly the early books!) and then we looked at the whole bible and they were amazed that Josiah only had a small portion of the bible to follow and learn from. We did a bit of a history lesson about what books looked like, how they were made, where paper came from etc. and made our own scrolls with Joshua 1:8 on it. They loved this project!

In ELA we continue to work on Charlotte's Web. Today we did another vocab lesson. I am trying to get these kiddos past decoding into comprehension and strong and confident use of strategies. This is, of course, a process. But I think studying context clues, sentence structure and parts of speech is a good start. We did some harder words again today; discarded, overlooked, lure, gushing, and cunning.

We are continuing to work on our pet pig page. We watched a short video yesterday about having a pig as a pet and wrote a short story about having our own small pig to live with! Some of them are too cute!

We are going to be starting our very first research project soon - about spiders. I am totally excited. We are making some amazing lapbooks and a research paper {first grade style} of course.

Reminders: pictures are on Thursday - send your forms soon! Book Orders due next Monday. Please send your healthy recipes with your student by the 10th {tomorrow}. Spelling Test tomorrow.