Monday Monday....


This was our Friday. We continued learning about atoms, molecules and moved onto crystlas {like polymers in that they are molecules stuck together, but are organized in a way that make them strong rather than stretchy}. they are so smart and did such a good job with this.

We created pipecleaner spiders and grew crystals on them over the weekend. They look great. the kids are excited to bring them home!

We have also started researching. We made paint blowing spiders and found three interesting facts about our spiders and recorded them from the book. This will be our first intro to citations and sources. It is never to early :o)

Today we continued learning about crystals, did spelling and guided reading. This week we are learning about short and long vowels some more so it made sense to work on flippy the dolphin reading strategy {he flips vowel sounds}.

Reminders: Verses for April should be said soon. Hot lunch was due today.