Learning about tens and ones...


Using farm animals as manipulatives. We not only worked on number sense and fluency but also problem solving. We did conventional numbers {6, 18, 50}, give me three tens and four ones types problems, give me ten plus twelve, give me one less than eighteen, two more than forty one, give me a number with more tens than ones..and so on.

They did SO AMAZING!!

Funny story - I made the counting mats with rows of 11 before we sat down and asked the kids to give me 26. Some kids counted them out and had two rows of eleven and one row with 4. Other group didn't count and gave me two rows of 11, and one row of 6. Three groups copied a group that did it wrong and didn't count at all for themselves. When I asked them to explain how they came up with their spread it was funny to see them count and then look at me like "OH NO". It was a great experience because I am trying to teach them that God gave them the ability to anything through Him and that they need not rely on other people to give them the answer when God made them so smart on their own. They all counted after that!