Friday catch up :o)

I tried most of the weekend to get a few things done - one was converting my iphone mov file to something you could watch on the blog. The kids really wanted you all to see the lava lamp experiment.

Friday we did our spelling test, of course. We also had gym, and French. My grade ones are AH-MAZING at French. I really think that the program Springs uses that incorporates plays, songs, and actions makes a huge difference in their learning.

In the afternoon we learned about density.

Everything on Earth is made of atoms; they are the building blocks of life.

Atoms join together to make molecules.

How close those molecules are to each other is how we measure something’s density. Different things have different densities.

Imagine you have one cup full of peanuts and one cup full of marshmallows. There are much more peanuts in the cup than marshmallows. It would have more mass.

How can we tell how dense things are?
Things that are LESS DENSE will float on things that are MORE DENSE.

Each week we also focus on some aspect of knowledge or skill - this week was prediction {making a guess based on what we already know}.

TODAY! We are starting dental health with a few experiments that look at enamel and how we treat our teeth. We brainstormed what teeth can, have, and are. Then we talked about how to keep them healthy. The kids will love this experiment. We are soaking eggs in an acid, in kool aid and cola to see what happens if we don't brush after a few days. Should be eye opening!

Spelling will follow :o)