Color mixing and spiders...


Friday was a crazy full - but fun day!

In the morning we watched a series of videos about different spiders and talked about webs and how they were all different. The kids each got to make their own web with paper plates and yarn and spider out of styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners after the videos. So far I have a black widow, a chilean tarantula, jumping sider, wolf spider and crab spider. I can't wait to see the rest.

We also talked about primary colors and I walked the kiddos through the scientific process {you are never too young to learn}. We talked about BIG PICTURE QUESTIONS {have many possible answers, cannot be answered with yes or no, and can be tested}. Then we talked about hypothesis, materials, prodecure, data, conclusion.
We explored the difference between predict and conclude and fair testing.

We mixed primary colors and made secondary colors. Science and art are very compatible lesson mates :o).

We also got to have a free read of a bunch of spider books - they got to read about 30 types of spiders, webs, how they eat, what eats them and so on. this is the intro to our research project :o)

Todays spelling words will be up right away :o)