Friday catch up :o)

I tried most of the weekend to get a few things done - one was converting my iphone mov file to something you could watch on the blog. The kids really wanted you all to see the lava lamp experiment.

Friday we did our spelling test, of course. We also had gym, and French. My grade ones are AH-MAZING at French. I really think that the program Springs uses that incorporates plays, songs, and actions makes a huge difference in their learning.

In the afternoon we learned about density.

Everything on Earth is made of atoms; they are the building blocks of life.

Atoms join together to make molecules.

How close those molecules are to each other is how we measure something’s density. Different things have different densities.

Imagine you have one cup full of peanuts and one cup full of marshmallows. There are much more peanuts in the cup than marshmallows. It would have more mass.

How can we tell how dense things are?
Things that are LESS DENSE will float on things that are MORE DENSE.

Each week we also focus on some aspect of knowledge or skill - this week was prediction {making a guess based on what we already know}.

TODAY! We are starting dental health with a few experiments that look at enamel and how we treat our teeth. We brainstormed what teeth can, have, and are. Then we talked about how to keep them healthy. The kids will love this experiment. We are soaking eggs in an acid, in kool aid and cola to see what happens if we don't brush after a few days. Should be eye opening!

Spelling will follow :o)


Thursday already!

Today is always a great day in our class.  My grade ones LOVE to praise God! Today one of my boys told me he wished it could be chapel every day {awww}. Chapel today was about friendship – and it was a great time for this too.  In our class we have a few persistent issues like “you’re not coming to my party” or “I can’t play with you this recess because I can only play with people who have…”.  We are working on them and this will help us learn and grow as well.

We started watching a National Geographic special about super spiders (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGHeAjCOyM0 ).  We are not watching all of it since portions of it talk about evolution but we are watching parts that tie into our learning.  Today we watched about spinnerets and silk.  One spider can have up to 3 meters of web inside at one time!  Then when they are all out of web they can eat the web to gather proteins to create more silk.  I told them it was like I had orange spinnerets on my body and I gave them all oranges from them.  When they were done I would eat the orange rinds and pulp that is left over and then I could make more oranges.  They thought that was hilarious.

We also talked about predators of the spider and added a new flap to our lap book.  They love this project – and it combines literacy, as well as gross and fine motor skill development (cutting, folding, fine drawing and writing)! We watched a Venus fly trap eat a spider {yum!}.

Yesterday we read Miles and Miles of Reptiles by Dr. Seuss and compared reptiles and spiders.   They actually had a lot in common! They lay eggs, they can be venomous, they come in all shapes and sizes, they camouflage themselves to protect themselves from predators, they can climb walls – they had a ton of great input!

Today we did some more vocabulary studies – gnawing, determined, detested, ancient, and cramped.  They are getting so good at using context clues!

Reminders: Hot lunch tomorrow.  Spelling test in the morning.  Most of the kids need pencils.


Today :o) made me smile



Today was both fun and informative :o)  We started the day by learning mroe about the boyhood of Jesus and talked about the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  Knowledge is something we learn about {like spiders} and wisdom is using what we know to make right choices {not playing with them if we know they can be poisonous}.

Then we worked on another portion of our lapbook - which is becoming one of their favorite thigns to do.  We read about Arachnids and insects - venn diagramed similarities and differences and make a small fold out book about arachnids. 

We did a telling time scavenger hunt - this was to help mw see who was ready to move on in time and who wasn't.  We are not ready to move onto anything harder.  Only about 1/3 of the class could read the clocks - most still think that 12:00 is 12:60 and 5:45 is 5:9 :o)  Too cute.  so , we will continue to practice our time telling for awhile longer.

In the afternoon we talked about how Jesus shows us he loves us - and described how he loved us {unconditional, generous, always, forgive, etc.}.  They did some great work!  I made a video on my Iphone (no faces) and I want to see if I can upload it onto my blog.  That would be cool.

Reminders: Pictures need to come back with payment asap.  Spelling test tomorrow.  Please send warm clothes with your kids still - it can be windy and very cold if they get wet.

Spelling 25



Monday Monday....


This was our Friday. We continued learning about atoms, molecules and moved onto crystlas {like polymers in that they are molecules stuck together, but are organized in a way that make them strong rather than stretchy}. they are so smart and did such a good job with this.

We created pipecleaner spiders and grew crystals on them over the weekend. They look great. the kids are excited to bring them home!

We have also started researching. We made paint blowing spiders and found three interesting facts about our spiders and recorded them from the book. This will be our first intro to citations and sources. It is never to early :o)

Today we continued learning about crystals, did spelling and guided reading. This week we are learning about short and long vowels some more so it made sense to work on flippy the dolphin reading strategy {he flips vowel sounds}.

Reminders: Verses for April should be said soon. Hot lunch was due today.


more spider craziness.....





For one of our tie in activities we are making Spider Lapbooks. Each time we learn about spiders we will be adding something to our lapbook until it looks like mine at the top. Today we learned about the abdomen, cephalothorax, spinnerettes, and how bugs and spiders are different. This is going to be a great way to not only help them study for their spider test :o) but also to help them learn to organize their learning in later grades. Besides that byt he time they are done they have something TOTALLY awesome to takehome and show everyone to help them sshare what they have learned!

Reminder: Spelling test tomorrow.


Todays spider videos...

Social Spiders of Brazil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az-3RJW3s-E

{not all spiders are solitary creatures!}

Golden Orb Weaver being stolen from by a smaller spider http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuTPY12kLS4 {not all spiders are true hunters}

Whip spider http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7wKyV7jMJ4 {how spiders defend themselves}


Some moments make everything you do worth while...

Today our journaling assignment was to write about our favourite things we have done this year. Journaling is generally not one of most first graders favourite things to do. However today a student walked up to me with a full page and asked if he could write a little more. I answered that he could fill five pages if his little heart desired - as long as they were in good sentences. He jumped up, fist pumped in the air, and yelled YAH!

I love my job.


Spider Videos :o) YUM!

Here are the links to the videos we watched in class, the kiddos wanted me to post it so they can share them with you. We looked at webs and silk {and one fun link we tied into learning about other cultures :o) )

Goliath Tarantula {for dinner?} http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra4WmE-joMQ

Trap Door Spider http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-Y6Dlj6nWA

Red Back Spider/Bolas Spider {3d webs!} http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQABY9H1h1Y

Wolf Spider Egg Sac - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=93VJ4838SoY

Spelling 24


Color mixing and spiders...


Friday was a crazy full - but fun day!

In the morning we watched a series of videos about different spiders and talked about webs and how they were all different. The kids each got to make their own web with paper plates and yarn and spider out of styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners after the videos. So far I have a black widow, a chilean tarantula, jumping sider, wolf spider and crab spider. I can't wait to see the rest.

We also talked about primary colors and I walked the kiddos through the scientific process {you are never too young to learn}. We talked about BIG PICTURE QUESTIONS {have many possible answers, cannot be answered with yes or no, and can be tested}. Then we talked about hypothesis, materials, prodecure, data, conclusion.
We explored the difference between predict and conclude and fair testing.

We mixed primary colors and made secondary colors. Science and art are very compatible lesson mates :o).

We also got to have a free read of a bunch of spider books - they got to read about 30 types of spiders, webs, how they eat, what eats them and so on. this is the intro to our research project :o)

Todays spelling words will be up right away :o)


Learning about tens and ones...


Using farm animals as manipulatives. We not only worked on number sense and fluency but also problem solving. We did conventional numbers {6, 18, 50}, give me three tens and four ones types problems, give me ten plus twelve, give me one less than eighteen, two more than forty one, give me a number with more tens than ones..and so on.

They did SO AMAZING!!

Funny story - I made the counting mats with rows of 11 before we sat down and asked the kids to give me 26. Some kids counted them out and had two rows of eleven and one row with 4. Other group didn't count and gave me two rows of 11, and one row of 6. Three groups copied a group that did it wrong and didn't count at all for themselves. When I asked them to explain how they came up with their spread it was funny to see them count and then look at me like "OH NO". It was a great experience because I am trying to teach them that God gave them the ability to anything through Him and that they need not rely on other people to give them the answer when God made them so smart on their own. They all counted after that!



Lets talk trapdoor spiders... Comprehension and recall.


Sign of a full day...


when you look at your board and it has your bible, your ELA vocabulary work, your morning math, science and social projects all scattered - you know its been a great day for learning.

Today we learned about Josiah and how he prayed, read the word, listened to his elders, followed the example of his ancestors (King David) and did what was right even thought he was only EIGHT YEARS OLD! We talked about the book of the law and I showed them the part of the bible most people think this includes (mostly the early books!) and then we looked at the whole bible and they were amazed that Josiah only had a small portion of the bible to follow and learn from. We did a bit of a history lesson about what books looked like, how they were made, where paper came from etc. and made our own scrolls with Joshua 1:8 on it. They loved this project!

In ELA we continue to work on Charlotte's Web. Today we did another vocab lesson. I am trying to get these kiddos past decoding into comprehension and strong and confident use of strategies. This is, of course, a process. But I think studying context clues, sentence structure and parts of speech is a good start. We did some harder words again today; discarded, overlooked, lure, gushing, and cunning.

We are continuing to work on our pet pig page. We watched a short video yesterday about having a pig as a pet and wrote a short story about having our own small pig to live with! Some of them are too cute!

We are going to be starting our very first research project soon - about spiders. I am totally excited. We are making some amazing lapbooks and a research paper {first grade style} of course.

Reminders: pictures are on Thursday - send your forms soon! Book Orders due next Monday. Please send your healthy recipes with your student by the 10th {tomorrow}. Spelling Test tomorrow.


Playing with polymers...

Today we learned that ATOMS are the basic building blocks of everything you can see around you, and sometimes even things you can't see, like the air that you breathe.

Atoms are so very small that there are millions of them hiding inside the tiniest speck you can see.

Atoms can join together - they form bonds together - to make MOLECULES
Let’s pretend you and your best friend are atoms, to make a bond you would hold hands and become an ELEMENT!

Those elements join together in a large molecular conga line.

POLYMERS are groups of molecules that are connected to create something you can touch and feel with your hands and see with your eyes. Polymers can be natural, like those that make up the trunk of a tree, or they can be man-made, like plastic.

We used three students as an example of atoms and elements. I had them hold hands to make a molecule, joined the molecules to make a polymer and put one of my smallest students on top of all their joined hands to show them that polymer bonds are STRONG.

Then we made GAK:

We will need:

1 cup of white glue

1 cup of water

1 cup of warm water

1 1/2 tsp. of borax

Mix glue and water in one bowl.

Mix borax and water in another bowl.

Pour glue mixture into borax mixture and stir.

This opened up some great conversations about liquids and solids and changes in state. My firstie are SO SMART!

And the verdict is....


So we have a verdict...... Dada dada... Persimmons are victorious!

Taste test!!!


It is the mighty persimmon vs prickly pear taste off!


Vocabulary - they like it, they really really like it!

Today we undertook a more indepth study of vocabulary than one might expect from a grade one classroom.  I thought I would post this before some  of you saw the vocab sheet from todays charlotte's web lesson. 

Today they looked at words like wept, sopping, distribute, enchanted, and command.  We read the passages that went with each word and then we talked about "contextual clues" - and yes we called them that.  Some times an author puts hints in a piece of text to help us understand the hard words that we are not comfortable with yet.  We read the passages, guessed at the meaning of each word and shared what clues led us to choose that meaning.  Some of the quiet kids from other lessons BLOSSOMEd today.  I have some really bright students in my class :o)  Just thought I would share a bit of my pride with you all before they get back from music.

This underscores everything we are learning with our reading strategies and taking it to the next level.  I really beleive that challenging kids and teaching them to expect more from themselves than they had before {while giving them skills to do this}  is essential to creating a child who is confident and exemplifies self efficacy.

Yay grade1A!!


Mrs. Hildebrand

Easter story review...


My kiddos love bible!!!

Spelling lesson 22


Going home in the THB today.....