This is such an exciting week….

…to teach grade ones. The Easter story is one they all LOVE so much. We read and watched the second portion of the story – Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, and crucifixion. I used about 45 minutes for this lesson because I really wanted them to think about Jesus felt at this time – he sweated blood! He served with his disciples for over three years and they had seen him perform miracles and knew the Son of God and still in his greatest hour of need they slept while he prayed and fled when the soldiers came. On top of that Judas sold him to the soldiers for silver! He was beaten, whipped, mocked, abandoned…something that we can never ever really truly understand. He had to wear a crown of thorns and purple rob, he was hungry and thirsty. Then they made him carry his own cross up to Golgotha until he could go on no longer and someone from the crowd had to help him.
Then, even then, he did not ask angels to deliver him or God to free him from this burden {and he could have}. He silently suffered for us, paid the wages of our sin upon a cross. While hanging on the cross he still managed to share God’s grace with one of the other men being crucified.
In his final moments he did not beg for his life, or for it all to stop. He asked his Father to forgive everyone. Forgive the men who beat him, who gambled for his clothes, who threw things at him and mocked him, those who did not receive the message he had been sent to share. Then he said “It is finished.”
This is what we learned about yesterday. The kids were silent throughout the story and then asked AMAZING questions about his life and what he did for us. I {love} my grade ones.
We did guided reading yesterday – the kids continue to grow and grow as readers. They did some fun things this week in rotations; they are using cookie sheets and magnetic Yahtzee tiles to make words with word families, and they are writing alternative endings to their stories. There were some great ones yesterday about a cat who went to Egypt and became ruler :o)
We are doing Easter themed math – a colour by number resurrection egg, colour by number cross scene, tens and ones work and more! We also did a word search, looked at rhyming words, finished the pop up cards, sorted healthy food into food groups, and had center time! AH-MAZING Day!