Quick updates :o)

There is a BUNCH if stuff going on in 1A this week!  EASTER!  No, not just eggs and bunnies but the REAL story of Easter and what our Jesus did for us.  Today we learned only the first part of the story; Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead AND rode a donkey into Jerusalem to fulfill a prophecy about the Messiah King AND the people yelled Hosanna to the King as he rode into the town. 

We are going to be retelling the story with our own version of ressurection eggs.  It is going to be fun.

We are still reading Charlotte's Web and learning all about spiders!  What they eat, who eats them, where they live, how they build their homes, who ispoisonous, who is not and so on.  Spiders are going to carry out over about 8 to 9 weeks and will be our first "research project". 

Wrapping up the senses before spring break by looking at the nose and the ear and jobs that rely on our senses.  As well we are going to look at people who are differently abled and how they adapt to the world around them.

We are still working hard at tens and ones, adding and subtracting under 20, guided reading, and of course , communities.  We ar going to build and map our own little community this week sometime.

Please forgive any spelling mistakes, the class is back so the proof read will have to wait until after school now.


Mrs. Hildebrand

Reminders: Spelling test Wednesday.  Garage Sale Friday a.m., Social Media Awareness night at 725 tomorrow, please remember to send healthy food for your child - no more than one treat.