Just a few notes:

This week we are learning to better understand tens and ones - with a TON of hands on examples and some individual work.  We are going to be using ten frames, unfix cubes, straws - you name it we are probably going to use it.  This is a central concept of much of the older math and a foundation for regrouping and borrowing so we need to make sure all the little minds get it.

We started learning about Elijah and the False Prophets.  The kids are loving Elijah so far - he is a pretty interesting guy.  We just wrote a test on him and the widow who shoed him hospitality.  Overall they did really well.

We are continuing to read Charlotte's Web and learn about spiders.  We are working on sequencing and watched a very cool video by David Attenborough ( I am not sure I spelled that right) on how spiders spin webs.  They asked me to play that one again!

Today is EARLY DISMISSAL.  Spelling test this morning. Book fair is on this week and parent teacher is Thursday.



Mrs. Hildebrand