Chugging Along....

Today was a lot of fun in 1A. We started the morning by reading about Elijah, the ravens, and the widow. This is an intro into two important biblical truths – that we can fully rely on God to meet all of our needs and that we can share our faith with others and they can be encouraged. My little firsties had a lot to say about the many ways that they could share their faith with others like Elijah shared his faith with the widow and her son.

They shared that they could bring someone thirsty a cup of water, we could pray for someone who is hurt, we could stick up for someone who is being bullied, we could share the good news with someone who needs to find God – and so many more. I am very proud of how eager my class is to learn about God and to share that love of God with others.

We talked about how scared the widow must have been – I asked them to imagine how sad it must have been for her to tell her son that they would have to stop eating and wait to starve to death. I also asked them to picture how the widow must have felt when Elijah told her to feed him before eating herself and serving her son – they had only one serving of food left! I asked the kids to tell me why the widow shared her food with him – and they told me it was because she saw his compassion, his kindness, his bravery, and his faith and she wanted to be like that too. They were all so happy that the widow and her son were taken care of after that.

This morning we also had some special guests – Mrs. Wall’s Grade 4 class came to visit and helped us with our science experiment; How does our nose help us smell? We ate an apple, smelled a lemon while eating an apple, smelled and onion while eating an apple, and then ate another apple and recorded our findings. The grade ones were very surprised that their nose had such a big influence on their sense of taste. We also learned that cross pollinating to make onion-apples would be a VERY bad idea.

We read chapter two in Charlotte’s Web. I love that story. Tomorrow we will be working on some sentences and parts of the story so far. They are all very excited to learn about spiders as well. We have a lot of fun things planned around this book!

Reminders: Parent Teacher next week. Book orders due next Friday. Spelling test tomorrow. Practice your scripture verses. PACK A HEALTHY LUNCH! Blessings Mrs. Hildebrand