Reminder! Garage sale tomorrow!

Please remember to send priced things for your child to sell - muffins, toys, books, handmade cards, cookies, craft items, collectors cards, pencils and erasers.... ANYTHING BUT STUFFED ANIMALS. Please also send 1 dollar in change for them to give change to customers and some change for shopping!

This is a great and fun way to reinforce concepts we are learning about money, adding, subtracting.


This is such an exciting week….

…to teach grade ones. The Easter story is one they all LOVE so much. We read and watched the second portion of the story – Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, and crucifixion. I used about 45 minutes for this lesson because I really wanted them to think about Jesus felt at this time – he sweated blood! He served with his disciples for over three years and they had seen him perform miracles and knew the Son of God and still in his greatest hour of need they slept while he prayed and fled when the soldiers came. On top of that Judas sold him to the soldiers for silver! He was beaten, whipped, mocked, abandoned…something that we can never ever really truly understand. He had to wear a crown of thorns and purple rob, he was hungry and thirsty. Then they made him carry his own cross up to Golgotha until he could go on no longer and someone from the crowd had to help him.
Then, even then, he did not ask angels to deliver him or God to free him from this burden {and he could have}. He silently suffered for us, paid the wages of our sin upon a cross. While hanging on the cross he still managed to share God’s grace with one of the other men being crucified.
In his final moments he did not beg for his life, or for it all to stop. He asked his Father to forgive everyone. Forgive the men who beat him, who gambled for his clothes, who threw things at him and mocked him, those who did not receive the message he had been sent to share. Then he said “It is finished.”
This is what we learned about yesterday. The kids were silent throughout the story and then asked AMAZING questions about his life and what he did for us. I {love} my grade ones.
We did guided reading yesterday – the kids continue to grow and grow as readers. They did some fun things this week in rotations; they are using cookie sheets and magnetic Yahtzee tiles to make words with word families, and they are writing alternative endings to their stories. There were some great ones yesterday about a cat who went to Egypt and became ruler :o)
We are doing Easter themed math – a colour by number resurrection egg, colour by number cross scene, tens and ones work and more! We also did a word search, looked at rhyming words, finished the pop up cards, sorted healthy food into food groups, and had center time! AH-MAZING Day!


Quick updates :o)

There is a BUNCH if stuff going on in 1A this week!  EASTER!  No, not just eggs and bunnies but the REAL story of Easter and what our Jesus did for us.  Today we learned only the first part of the story; Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead AND rode a donkey into Jerusalem to fulfill a prophecy about the Messiah King AND the people yelled Hosanna to the King as he rode into the town. 

We are going to be retelling the story with our own version of ressurection eggs.  It is going to be fun.

We are still reading Charlotte's Web and learning all about spiders!  What they eat, who eats them, where they live, how they build their homes, who ispoisonous, who is not and so on.  Spiders are going to carry out over about 8 to 9 weeks and will be our first "research project". 

Wrapping up the senses before spring break by looking at the nose and the ear and jobs that rely on our senses.  As well we are going to look at people who are differently abled and how they adapt to the world around them.

We are still working hard at tens and ones, adding and subtracting under 20, guided reading, and of course , communities.  We ar going to build and map our own little community this week sometime.

Please forgive any spelling mistakes, the class is back so the proof read will have to wait until after school now.


Mrs. Hildebrand

Reminders: Spelling test Wednesday.  Garage Sale Friday a.m., Social Media Awareness night at 725 tomorrow, please remember to send healthy food for your child - no more than one treat.

Spelling this week !


Here you are....


Just a few notes:

This week we are learning to better understand tens and ones - with a TON of hands on examples and some individual work.  We are going to be using ten frames, unfix cubes, straws - you name it we are probably going to use it.  This is a central concept of much of the older math and a foundation for regrouping and borrowing so we need to make sure all the little minds get it.

We started learning about Elijah and the False Prophets.  The kids are loving Elijah so far - he is a pretty interesting guy.  We just wrote a test on him and the widow who shoed him hospitality.  Overall they did really well.

We are continuing to read Charlotte's Web and learn about spiders.  We are working on sequencing and watched a very cool video by David Attenborough ( I am not sure I spelled that right) on how spiders spin webs.  They asked me to play that one again!

Today is EARLY DISMISSAL.  Spelling test this morning. Book fair is on this week and parent teacher is Thursday.



Mrs. Hildebrand


Making comics


To learn about Charlotte's Web and sequencing / cause and effect we are making large comic strips.


Touch tests!


What is it?

Oh the thinks we think.....

I think that it is never too early to start introducing them to some big scientific concepts and words; like smell receptors and olfactory center. When we reviewed how smell and taste were related we watched these videos to guide our learning:




We did a few more little tie in activities and I think that they totally got it! I love to see their little minds working! Who says things are too hard for them? I think often the only limits they see are the ones we place on them.


Chugging Along....

Today was a lot of fun in 1A. We started the morning by reading about Elijah, the ravens, and the widow. This is an intro into two important biblical truths – that we can fully rely on God to meet all of our needs and that we can share our faith with others and they can be encouraged. My little firsties had a lot to say about the many ways that they could share their faith with others like Elijah shared his faith with the widow and her son.

They shared that they could bring someone thirsty a cup of water, we could pray for someone who is hurt, we could stick up for someone who is being bullied, we could share the good news with someone who needs to find God – and so many more. I am very proud of how eager my class is to learn about God and to share that love of God with others.

We talked about how scared the widow must have been – I asked them to imagine how sad it must have been for her to tell her son that they would have to stop eating and wait to starve to death. I also asked them to picture how the widow must have felt when Elijah told her to feed him before eating herself and serving her son – they had only one serving of food left! I asked the kids to tell me why the widow shared her food with him – and they told me it was because she saw his compassion, his kindness, his bravery, and his faith and she wanted to be like that too. They were all so happy that the widow and her son were taken care of after that.

This morning we also had some special guests – Mrs. Wall’s Grade 4 class came to visit and helped us with our science experiment; How does our nose help us smell? We ate an apple, smelled a lemon while eating an apple, smelled and onion while eating an apple, and then ate another apple and recorded our findings. The grade ones were very surprised that their nose had such a big influence on their sense of taste. We also learned that cross pollinating to make onion-apples would be a VERY bad idea.

We read chapter two in Charlotte’s Web. I love that story. Tomorrow we will be working on some sentences and parts of the story so far. They are all very excited to learn about spiders as well. We have a lot of fun things planned around this book!

Reminders: Parent Teacher next week. Book orders due next Friday. Spelling test tomorrow. Practice your scripture verses. PACK A HEALTHY LUNCH! Blessings Mrs. Hildebrand

Elijah and the widow...


Ask your little one about the ravens today :)




Please remember to help your little one practice their scripture verses. It is so important to hide god's word in our hearts! They are to be said to me by the last day of the month, and we practice everyday...but they need your help too!

Spelling this week


And homework will be sent home today to practice for Wednesday as per parent request. I would like to reiterate that opting into spelling homework was voluntary and all students wanted to do better so they all put their hands up. They are not losing marks for corrections to spelling homework. It is simply a way for me to make sure they are all being responsible for their own learning.