Growing little minds!

This week is a short but good one! We have a lot going on – as usual.  My littles love to be busy!

Bible – we are still studying Psalms and the names of God, this is for several reasons; knowing what God is, can do, means, provides and promises is essential to living a life of faith.  Second, it is a great way to cross study scripture and fit in a bunch of cool little stories about how God moves in people’s lives.

ELA – we are working hard still on sentence structure.  Today we worked with snowman literacy centers.  We wrote letters to snowmen, used thought bubbles to share what our snowmen were thinking, wrote stories about what we would do if we had the BIGGEST snowmen, and what life would be like if we lived in a snow globe.

We kept working on our rhyming couplets, which were inspired by one of our favorite authors, Shel Silverstein.  We highlighted rhyming words and talked about rhyming patterns. The littles each then took their brainstorming sheet and thought about a time they were hurt or sick.  They came up with a rhyming couplet about this time and once I proofread then we are going to put them into one large poem. It is going to be AWESOME!

MATH – In math we continue to work on money, doubles, and fluency with numbers.  We are trying to wrap up a lot of back work that is still hiding in desks – so this is taking up some class time {especially for some students!}.

SS – we are finishing up maps this week and moving to 3D models.  We are building these with milk cartons {although if you do not have a 1 or 2L milk carton then a box of crackers, or some other box will do fine.  We are going to create a community using these recyclables! I am hoping my idea works and we can create a 3D community on the bulletin board!

Health – we are moving from germs to nutrition and exercise.  This is going to be a great way to look at what the bible says about food and how knowing what Jesus ate can help us figure out how to keep our bodies healthy! We are going to be making menu’s looking at the sugar content of food we eat and talking about healthy choices!

Remider: No school Friday! Spelling test tomorrow. Send in a recyclable for our community project.  Only a few more days to wrap up our reading and writing month activities!