They love me, they really do!

Just in case some of you have not already heard - I get to stay until the end of the year!  Mrs. Evans is extending her mat leave until the end of the year -so you are all stuck with me for a whole year!  I am very excited to get to remain with my little first graders - I have been so blessed to be their teacher!  Thanks for sharing them with me!

Growing little minds!

This week is a short but good one! We have a lot going on – as usual.  My littles love to be busy!

Bible – we are still studying Psalms and the names of God, this is for several reasons; knowing what God is, can do, means, provides and promises is essential to living a life of faith.  Second, it is a great way to cross study scripture and fit in a bunch of cool little stories about how God moves in people’s lives.

ELA – we are working hard still on sentence structure.  Today we worked with snowman literacy centers.  We wrote letters to snowmen, used thought bubbles to share what our snowmen were thinking, wrote stories about what we would do if we had the BIGGEST snowmen, and what life would be like if we lived in a snow globe.

We kept working on our rhyming couplets, which were inspired by one of our favorite authors, Shel Silverstein.  We highlighted rhyming words and talked about rhyming patterns. The littles each then took their brainstorming sheet and thought about a time they were hurt or sick.  They came up with a rhyming couplet about this time and once I proofread then we are going to put them into one large poem. It is going to be AWESOME!

MATH – In math we continue to work on money, doubles, and fluency with numbers.  We are trying to wrap up a lot of back work that is still hiding in desks – so this is taking up some class time {especially for some students!}.

SS – we are finishing up maps this week and moving to 3D models.  We are building these with milk cartons {although if you do not have a 1 or 2L milk carton then a box of crackers, or some other box will do fine.  We are going to create a community using these recyclables! I am hoping my idea works and we can create a 3D community on the bulletin board!

Health – we are moving from germs to nutrition and exercise.  This is going to be a great way to look at what the bible says about food and how knowing what Jesus ate can help us figure out how to keep our bodies healthy! We are going to be making menu’s looking at the sugar content of food we eat and talking about healthy choices!

Remider: No school Friday! Spelling test tomorrow. Send in a recyclable for our community project.  Only a few more days to wrap up our reading and writing month activities!

Spelling words


Working on rhyming couplets...


Working on rhyming couplets... Inspired by Sick by Shel Silverstein


Math is FUN!


Working on tens and ones..the fun way. Using the snowman spinner and tens and ones manipulatives! This is an important step in preparing for borrowing and carrying.



Today we learned that God is Adonai! Our lord, master, owner, rules in love, helps us obey him, protector, omni- present, our saviour who sacrificed his life for us in the ultimate act of love.

Psalm 62:6 Truly he is my rock and my salvation;he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.

Proverbs 2:8 for he guards the course of the justand protects the way of his faithful ones.

http://youtu.be/LVacgDHAJj4 God is love by Hillsong which fit our lesson very beautifully! Q


Short but sweet week!

This week is a short one, but that does not mean it isn’t going to be jam packed! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.

We had so much fun with the 100th day that we extended our 100 day activities into today.  We had some more of our very yummy trail mix, worked on our 100 Day sight word book, finished our 100 day fun book (counting by 1s, 5s, rolling 100, writing about what life will be like when we are 100 years old, what can we do in 100 seconds, where can we get in 100 steps and so on!).

We also had a very special guest reader, Mrs. Wieler.  She made everyone VERY hungry with her stories. It is nice to see so many parents taking the time to come in and read to the kids.  It shows kids that we support their literacy!

We did our spelling today, just the lesson.  Tomorrow morning is our field trip to the Science Gallery but we will still be doing the spelling test in the afternoon.  I did not get a chance to send extra practice homework with them today, my apologies.  The photocopier hates me and I couldn’t get it to print!

The science gallery is going to be fun!  We have been learning so much about our senses, how they help us, how they protect us, how they make things like walking through a garden, listening to praise and worship music, or eating homemade cookies so much more experiential.

We have started listening to some new praise and worship music in 1A.  This week we sampled Tobymac (Burn For You), Kari Jobe (Our God), and Philmont (Closer).

This week we have some other fun things planned – guided reading (everyone is jumping a group I am so excited!), a fun science experiment testing insulators and working with prediction, hypothesis, and outcomes, working on word problems, an exciting chapel, math games, and SO MUCH MORE!!!


Mrs. Hildebrand

There will be a spelling test tomorrow!!!


After our field trip!!

We are smart cookies!



Our week so far!


This week is flying by like gale force wind (can you see my university degree in physical geography peeking out?).

This week we have continued our study into the names of God and supporting this with reading some Psalms.  The kids are very mature about bible and have given me some interesting input about how God shows himself in their lives or the people around them. We learned about Abba, Elohim, Kaddesh, and Nissi.  God is our father, our refiner, our savior, our fortress, our victory, the creator and master of the universe…to name just a few!

In math we are working on word problems and money.  Word problems are interesting in grade one, they are just developing inference and logic skills in this area.  We are working on problems like “If Emilyn had 14 cookies and gave one to Mrs. Hildebrand, one to Toby, and two to Madison how many did she give away?  And, how many does she have left?  Draw a picture and write a word sentence.”  It takes a bit of coaching, manipulatives and board examples but I think we are getting the hang of them!

In ELA we continue to work on poetry, in fact we are moving on to couplets (which the kids don’t realize we have already worked on on our snowman pages!).  We will be reading some fun Shel Silverstein and making couplets about…germs!  We also continue to do guided reading three times a week.  I have tested almost all of the students so far and I am blown away by their growth!  These kids know how to work reading strategies – ask them how to use chunky monkey or stretchy snake..I dare you!

In social we are making our own maps.  We talked about what maps do for us, and what they have on them, and what they mean.  Now we are using what we know to make our own maps of our own world.  The activity is a grade three one but they are doing awesome at it!  With some help and guidance these kids are FLUOURISHING!

Science continues to be THE SENSES!  The kids love this one, they love trying new things (like dragon fruit and star fruit) and learning things about how awesome God made them. We are moving from eyes to nose and ears. We are going to do some fun things with music and sorting with our senses.

Tomorrow is a GREAT day!  Valentines Day!  Our party is staggered through the whole day.  We have games, crafts, and a very neat guest reader.  The Story Fairy (you can see her on Shaw) is coming to read to a few of our classes and we are super excited!  Who doesn’t love Valentine’s stories?  Make sure to send Valentines for all the kids in the class if your child wants to hand them out.  I would hate to see anyone’s feelings being hurt!

Friday is the 100th day of school. I have a bunch of fun things planned for this day too: 100 day trail mix (which really is sort and graph but don’t tell the kids!), color fun books (which is sight word practice, also our secret), and activities like where does 100 steps take me, how many times can I jump in 100 seconds and so on!  It’s gonna be awesome!

Spelling test will still be first thing Friday morning.  Make sure to send the food item your child needs for the trail mix, as well as keep working on their reading and writing month bingo cards, and filling out hot lunch and field trip forms which are due.


Mrs. Hildebrand


Valentines crafts!


Making our valentines boxes, exciting! these,littles LOVE craft time!

Drop everything and read, under our desks!



Interpreting data!


Tally it, count it, parts and wholes, graph it, ten frame it.

Things to note this week.... All in your child's take home bag!




Guided reading!


We practiced flippy the dolphin today! We sorted long and short vowel sounds today. they rotated through read to teacher, read in a circle, word work and journaling. They are getting better and better at cycling through the stations effectively.



Growing readers growing leaders!


Your little one took home a seed as well as a peat moss pellet. You can simply put a little hole in the pellet, put the seed in it, and water it. it wi ll grow in the peat moss for a long time and then if you choose to you can replant it in a pot.

I used the analogy of growing readers , the more they water themselves with books and feed themselves new words they will grow into great readers. As part of reading and writing month they have been asked to read to their seed before bed and watch it grow as they grow. Take a picture of this and email it or send it in their THB and they get a sticker on their bingo card.

math games!!!!


Math games are a great way to work on number sense and fluency as well as speed and accuracy. They are learning, but don't feel like it. Today we used Penguin Greater than or Less Than, Snowman Change, Snowman Fact Families, and Race to the Snowman ( doubles plus one).



Free Write!


My class is LOVING free write. Each day we have 20 minutes of writing time that they can write a story of their choice. Today they added describing words (adjectives) to their stories. THEY LOVE WRITING!!

It is reading and writing month so we are working on literacy more than ever!


Loving our father....


Learning about psalms and all the names of our Father in heaven! today is Abba - father, gracious, merciful, good, loving, everlasting. We studied Psalm 86:11 and John 1:12.

Psalm 86:11 Teach me your way, Lord,that I may rely on your faithfulness;give me an undivided heart,that I may fear your name.

John 1:12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God

why not love a god who gave his only son so that someday we can live in eternity with him??? He adopted us, accepted us, loves us NO MATTER WHAT! How blessed we are to call him ABBA father!

Calendar fun!


These are such bright kids , if I do say so myself!