What a crazy week!

This week has FLOWN by, seriously.  The kids are just about to come back from indoor recess (it is a little frigid out there today) so I thought I would do a quick update.

In bible we are starting the psalms tomorrow.  I am going to love that one - songs that magnify God, appeal to our healer, thank our Prince of peace...can you really go wrong teaching that?

Today we started doubles.  Doubles {a number doubled, or a number plus itself} end with the kids verbally saying their doubles from 1 to 10 and getting a cute certificate and entering into the Double Bubble club. They are excited.  Today we are doing some visual and kinaesthetic examples.

Bell went, more later!

Our field trip went awesome.  First of all..kudo's to my amazing volunteers.  We had Mr. Didham, Mrs. McCarthy, and Mrs. Remple with us. Without them our field trip would not have gone nearly as smoothly - so a million thanks.  Also, I was so proud of the littles - they had so many questions.  For the first time I got to use my geology degree to explain volcanic rocks!  I was so excited. 

We learned about how people are all different [clothes, houses, food, practices] but are also all the same [ need love, shelter, clothes, water, oxygen etc.}.  I was very proud of my grade ones, when they were asked what we all had in common J. replied - "We were all made by God!"  That is why christian education is so valuable.  What a foundation! And without any shyness or hesitation too.

Tomorrow is a special day.  I am planning Dragon Fruit Day.  I know, it is odd.  BUT I think a willingness to try new things and to learn to not judge a book [or fruit] by its cover is important.  Wish me luck!


Mrs. Hildebrand